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Top Ten Albums of 2016

Honorable Mention: Summertime 06 by Vince Staples. The only reason this record is an honorable mention is because it didn’t hit wax until the day before my list last year was made. Vince Staples might single-handedly save hip-hop, and he’s only warming up with Summertime ’06. 10 Princess by Abra. Technically an EP, Princess by ABRA is dark […]


Fullbloods, Beat Bums, Youth Pool @ The Brick

This Saturday, Fullbloods, Youth Pool, and Beat Bums will play The Brick. Each band strikes a different chord aesthetically, and together they represent a good smattering of indie rock. Fullbloods’ surfy pop is catchy and laid back; Youth Pool envelopes their listeners in waves of sound; Beat Bums collide sounds to create something totally unclassifiable. […]


Leggy, Arc Flash, Sneaky Creeps, Lil Toughies @ The Brick

This Thursday, The Brick will host one hell of a show bill. The concert will be a must attend for any fan of dirty, fuzzed-over punk. Whether it’s Arc Flash‘s mathy play, Lil Toughies‘ bouncing punk, Sneaky Creeps‘ wailing distortions, or Leggy‘s catchy garage rock, the show will offer something for everyone. This late show […]


Momma’s Boy and Scruffy & The Janitors @ Replay

Some of my favorite shows ram together aesthetics. The harmonies and dissonances between bands on eclectic shows do well to spark connection. In a sense, the disparity between genres helps to define and blur their lines simultaneously–a necessary thing for any art to do. This Thursday at Replay Lounge, one of those shows is taking […]


Fuzz Hits Hard With II

Over the past few years, there’s been a big resurgence in Black Sabbath influenced music–both in terms of song writing and production. Warmer and thicker guitars, chorused and overdubbed vocals, epic builds and climaxes all characterize this movement. That said, this resurgence usually favors the more languid tones–think the slow moving riffs of Windhand or […]


The Cave Girls and Friends @ The RecordBar

This Saturday, let no one even doubt Kansas City’s music scene. The recordBar will host a show that truly shows the best of what we have to offer. Featuring music by john l. keck, That Dragon, The Dynamite Defense, and The Cave Girls. All the bands are local, and all the bands show a good […]


Schwervon! + Introducing Charlie – All ages instore show @ Mills Record Company

7:00pm Introducing Charlie – Rock n’ roll from KCMO https://www.facebook.com/IntroducingCharlie 8:00pm Schwervon! – Garage rock duo from KCMO https://www.facebook.com/schwervon Below is a link to the FB event https://www.facebook.com/events/314965788702716/

Local Showcase: Westerners

The Lawrence-based quartet, Westerners, have a seemingly inexhaustible amount of energy. Their live shows are whirlwinds of incendiary guitar-riffs and driving rhythms. Once they start their set, Westerners don’t let up–pounding out songs until the venue bursts with their brand of garage rock. And their recordings bottle this frenzy well. Their self-titled debut EP, released […]

‘Wild Onion’- Twin Peaks

  Monday on my blog while discussing “Big Dusty,” the noirish new single from Pro Era leader Joey Bada$$, I used the phrase “old soul” to describe how the 19-year-old sounds on wax. His rasp, combined with an affinity for sunny mid-90s boom bap, puts him out of sync with the current hip hop world. […]

Spider Bags’ Frozen Letter

Spider Bags’ latest, Frozen Letter, bucks like the bastard son of The Strokes and Best Coast. Lyrics so uncomplicated they’re genius fill the record. Distorted pop-structures build a nice armature for the band to hang their hooks. Dark surf rock (think half-way between The Beach Boys and Black Sabbath) and irresistible lyrics mesh perfectly in […]

I Fought The Law: Masked Intruder live in Kansas City, MO 07/25/14

As the recent explosion of the marriage between melodic hardcore and pop punk, peppered with emotional lyrics and heavier and heavier musicianship, continues to explode and gain popularity, there are a few bands that have embraced what made pop punk so great in the first place – the catchy melodies, the goofy lyrics and just […]


Roky Erickson Live at the Granada

Garage rocker/psychedelic innovator Roky Erickson’s fascination with horror flicks is well-documented. He gleefully laughed in Vincent Price fashion behind his piano as flames burned bright. Freak lab-experiments litter his verses and demons are never far from thought. Even his most “well-known” solo song romanticizes zombies in a way Romero could only dream of. But perhaps […]