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This Weekend: Mills Record Company’s Last Move In Celebration

If you didn’t already know, Mills Record Company has a new home. To celebrate and to break in the new location, the store has been throwing a three weekend party. The first weekend featured awesome performances from Conductor Williams & Weaver, [Explicit Content], Narc Parade, Thunderclaps, Real Adults, and many more as well as 5,000 […]


Ebony Tusks, Heartfelt Anarchy, and DEV3N Free Show

This Sunday, Ebony Tusks, Heartfelt Anarchy and DEV3N will put on a free show at recordBar. Considering all these acts make music as heavy and honest as the most polished acts today, the ability to see them on all on the same bill is something like a dream. That the show is free only sweetens […]


Folkicide Mercury @ Mill Record Company ALL AGES FREE SHOW

Folkicide Mercury (ALTERNATIVE ROCK FROM KCMO) https://www.facebook.com/folkicide?fref=ts TBA ALL AGES FREE SHOW


All Ages free show Them Pick-less Fools/ Whiskey for the Lady/ Urban Pioneers @ Mills Record Company

Them Pickless Fools (BLUEGRASS FROM KCMO) https://www.facebook.com/picklessfools/timeline?ref=page_internal Urban Pioneers (AMERICANA/ BLUEGRASS FROM TENNESSEE) https://www.facebook.com/urbanpioneerslared Whiskey for the Lady (NEW GRASS FROM PLATTE CITY, MO)0 https://www.facebook.com/whiskeyforthelady CURATED BY THE WESTPORT SALOON ALL AGES FREE SHOW

Mills Record Company

Kool 100′s + Phantom Head – All ages instore show @ Mills Record Company

7:00pm Phantom Head – New rock n’ roll from KCMO 8:00pm Kool 100′s – Rock n’ roll duo from KCMO all ages free


Wet Ones – All ages instore @ Mills Record Company

7:00pm Drugs & Attics https://www.facebook.com/wearegonnacallurparents 7:30pm Nightmare 8:00pm Wet Ones – Noisy rock n’ roll/ garage rock https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wet-Ones/605089426231693?sk=timeline all ages free


Atlas + Adam Breckenridge and Brown Sugar Bourbon – All ages instore show @ Mills Record Company

7:00pm  Adam Breckenridge and Brown Sugar Bourbon – Rock n’ roll 8:00pm Atlas – alternative country rock https://www.facebook.com/useyouratlas/timeline free all ages


Schwervon! + Introducing Charlie – All ages instore show @ Mills Record Company

7:00pm Introducing Charlie – Rock n’ roll from KCMO https://www.facebook.com/IntroducingCharlie 8:00pm Schwervon! – Garage rock duo from KCMO https://www.facebook.com/schwervon Below is a link to the FB event https://www.facebook.com/events/314965788702716/

Jorge Arana Trio - Oso

In Store Forecast: Jorge Arana Trio, Akkilles, and Temp Tats

Saturday August 2nd is set for a great in store show. With two Pitch Music Awards nominees and a dark horse, Mills Record Company guarantees a show of epic proportions. Jorge Arana Trio will be playing songs from their latest album, Oso, (out of Haymaker Records). Moving away from their more strictly jazz influenced sound, the band […]