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Under The Radar: LateNightTales

Rarely is there a record label that is as interesting as LateNightTales. The label put out one of my favorite records this year–Khruangbin‘s The Universe Smiles Upon You–, another record that is quickly becoming my most played–Sasha‘s Scene Delete–, and most recently David Holmes‘ self-titled compilation. All these releases land somewhere in the instrumental electronica area […]


Three Electronic Releases: Gold Panda, Flume, Holy Fuck

This week is an especially fine week for electronic albums. Gold Panda, Holy Fuck, and Flume all put out records that land in the various spaces of the electronic music spectrum. Chopped and eminently danceable, Flume’s Skin is a collage of minimal dance beats and melodic interludes while Gold Panda’s Good Luck and Do Your Best takes […]


Three EPs: Grimes and D’eon, Braids, Adult Jazz

So many really great EPs and 12″ singles were released on Friday. From the Star Wars sountrack to Monster Squad’s limited edition 7″, the short form music world is all a-buzz this week. Three EPs that caught my ear were Adult Jazz‘s Earrings Off!, Braids‘ Companion, and Darkbloom by Grimes and D’eon. Both EPs split the difference between experimental pitchiness and pop’s friendly hooks. […]


Liima iis Perfect for Spriing

What happens when you mix Destroyer’s almost elegaic voice with buzzing, noise filled synths? Liima‘s debut, ii. The quartet makes europop weird and fresh without succumbing fully to the temptation to devolve into a purely dance-fueling sound. While ii has definite dance currents running through it, there’s enough noise and slow burns to keep its textures nuanced […]


Record Store Day Cometh Part III

Earlier this week, I previewed some of the heavier bands that will be playing Record Store Day. Continuing this series, I’d like to focus on the poppier bands that will take the stage, the bands who write vocal hook after vocal hook without seemingly breaking a sweat, the bands whose music is at home blaring […]


Record Store Day Cometh

I know it’s over a month until Record Store Day descends from on high and graces us with all the exclusive ear candy we can handle. But since the list has been officially posted, I can’t help but write about. Whether you’re wanting a classic reissue, a contemporary rarity, or a first ever on vinyl […]


The Black Queen Enters a Fever Daydream

At first, The Black Queen was sort of a conundrum for me. Knowing the band is led by Dillinger Escape Plan’s frontman, I expected the band to throw out some unforgiving and mathy dissonance. Instead, the band falls in closer to a hybrid between Nine Inch Nails and Depeche Mode. As I read more about […]


12/4/15 New Releases at Mills Record Company

Nat Adderley — Work Song Mike Adams At His Honest Weight — Preparation Age Alex Bleeker and The Freaks — Country Agenda Avicii — Stories The Beatles — 1 BORNS — Dopamine Coldplay — A Head Full of Dreams The Early Motown EPs — S/T 7″ boxset Elvis Costello and the Attractions — Trust Entertainment […]


Mutemath Looks Forward and Back

From the glitched Macintosh-desktop-album art to the 80s synth-and-guitar-laced tracks, Mutemath‘s Vitals is a intro- and retrospective look at lovers, the future, the past, and sweet sweet layered synths. Mutemath has always drawn from an odd collection of 70s and 80s music, electronica, and vintage gear, and that’s on full display in their fourth studio […]


Straight White Teeth, Merit Badge, Rev Gusto & Mem Cave @ miniBar

This Friday, The Record Machine and miniBar will help the night be a little poppier. The show will be the first time How To Keep Dreaming Vol. 1 contributor Straight White Teeth will play in Kansas City. Joined by Rev Gusto and Merit Badge, the Denver/East Coast duo will put on a great show. After […]


10/30/15 New Releases at Mills Record Company

Amy – OST CD Ata Kak – Adagaya (Limited edition 12″ single) 12″ Azealia Banks – Broke With Expensive Taste (gatefold packaging) LP Babes – Untitled (Five Tears) (Die-Cut Cover) LP Battalion of Saints – Darkness Bombs 7″ Beach Slang – The Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like Us (180g purple vinyl, […]


My Gold Mask, Holidae and Max Justus @ recordBar

This weekend will be full of great concerts. It seems every venue from recordBar to the Replay Lounge, from the Bottleneck to Mills Record Company have their best acts playing. One of those bills is on this Saturday at recordBar. The concert will feature local artist Max Justus, synth-wizards Holidae, and one of my favorite […]