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Vipassi’s Instru-Metal Debut

Vipassi is a super group. The Australian four-piece features members from A Million Dead Birds Laughing, Hadal Maw, and Ne Obliviscaris, and their collective seasoning comes together perfectly on their Season of Mist debut,¬†Sunyata. Featuring dark and brooding atmospheric metal interspersed between truly unrelenting blast beats and mathy riffs,¬†Sunyata is the instrumental tech metal album […]


Watchtower Gets Mathematical

Black Friday has come and gone, leaving in its wake (sort of) emptied stores, holiday gift lists partially completed, and plenty of vinyl-philes happy. While the Record Store Day Black Friday list was expansive and rocking, there were plenty of releases that were as exceptional (perhaps even more so one could argue). One of those […]

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Kansas City Blackdeath Fest 2016: A Primer to Kansas City’s Annual Black/Death Metal Festival

This weekend is the 2nd annual Kansas City Blackdeath Fest. Featuring almost twenty underground extreme metal acts from all over the country, it can be a bit daunting going into this weekend. However, here is a handy guide to several of the bands playing this year – to get your neck ready for massive headbanging. […]


9/18/15 New Releases at Mills Record Company

Air Waves – Parting Glances (Includes download) LP Akira Sakata & Jim O’Rourke w/ Chikamorachi & Merzbow – Flying Basket 2XLP Also – EP02 LP Also – EP03 LP Annihilator – Suicide Society (gatefold packaing) LP Astronauts, etc. – Mind Out Wandering (Includes free download) LP Atreyu – Long Live (gatefold packaging) LP B.B. King […]


8/7 New Releases at Mills Records

AIR – Moon Safari (180g vinyl) LP Amos Lee – Live At Red Rocks (Double gatefold, limited edition 45rpm, download code included) 2XLP Atmosphere – When Life Gives You Lemons (Yellow vinyl) 2XLP Atreyu – A Death-Grip on Yesterday (Download code included) LP Author & Punisher – Melk En Honing (Double gatefold) 2XLP Billy Talent […]


WRVTH’s Latest is Harrowing

WRVTH, formally Wrath of Vesuvius, released their record, Harrowing Winds today on Unique Leader. The album shows a band seemingly in constant transition. More than their name, WRVTH’s songs dance between tech-metal wizardry and post-hardcare angst, giving their music a visceral resonance to counterbalance their ominous textures and intricate interludes. This balance throughout the album […]

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Show Preview: Aborted in Kansas City 05/17/15

Surviving twenty years as a band in the world of underground extreme heavy metal is no easy task, yet Belgium’s Aborted have done it with aplomb and steadily increase their quality with every passing day. Despite vocalist Svencho being the only remaining original member, Aborted is now comprised of members whose credentials include time spent […]

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War In Heaven: Septicflesh live in Kansas City 05/10/15

Greek atmospheric death metallers Septicflesh made a stop at the Riot Room in Kansas City last night, bringing with them some of the heaviest and fastest extreme music around today with them. Septicflesh capped a lineup consisting of Portuguese dark metal masters Moonspell, Swedish goth rockers Deathstars and locals Night Creation – each band tied […]

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Blood War: KC Blackdeath Fest in Kansas City, MO 04/17 – 04/18

It’s rare enough to find a couple of people in the Bible Belt who share an interest in extreme music, but a festival full of them? That’s unheard of. This is Missouri – this is the Midwest. We’re all about country music and gospel hymns, right? The first annual KC Blackdeath Fest changed all that […]

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Show Preview: KC Blackdeath Fest at the Riot Room 04/17-18

The evil forces at play in the world are culminating in abhorrent perfection to bring two nights of death, doom and destruction to the Riot Room in Westport. The first ever KC Blackdeath Fest will be taking place this Friday the 17th and Saturday the 18th with an unholy host of local and national black, […]

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Show Preview: Vital Remains at The Riot Room 04/13/15

You know those old news reports from the late ’80s about how this brand new evil and satanic form of music called “heavy metal” was eroding the moral fabric of America’s youth? How playing a Judas Priest song backwards would summon the devil, or interpretations of a Twisted Sister song could incite someone to murder? […]

Photo courtesy of Mushu Powell of The Kansas Coqui Nest

Suffer The Children – Napalm Death live in Lawrence, KS 02/26/15

There aren’t very many bands like Napalm Death left in the world. Going into their 34th year as a band, the UK group has left permanent marks on the formation of grindcore, death metal and extreme music as a whole. Their constant touring over the least 30 years has all but made them a household […]