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11/24 New Releases at Mills Record Company

Note: This list contains standard new releases for Friday, 11/24. For our Record Store Day Black Friday stock list, click here. 45 Grave — Sleep in Safety (Ghastly green vinyl, limited to 1,000) Aversions Crown — Xenocide (Electric blue with red splatter vinyl, limited to 500) Bjork — Utopia (Includes digital download) Blink 182 — […]

fire breathing

Live Tonight: Week Of July 13th – July 19th: Supa Hot Fiyah Edition

If you haven’t melted into a puddle of human goop on the sidewalk last week, get ready for another week full of crazy temperatures. Hippies, equip your Camelbak’s at all time. Children, keep a few bucks on you just in case the ice cream man comes around. For everyone else – be sure to hit […]