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First Repressions: Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor

Before Donald Glover was singing about zombies as Childish Gambino, Lupe Fiasco was riding the L with brains on his brains. Before Tyler The Creator was skating and combining hip hop and skate culture, Lupe Fiasco was kicking and pushing through the streets of Chicago. Near its 10 year anniversary, the Chicago rapper’s debut is […]


Fullbloods, Beat Bums, Youth Pool @ The Brick

This Saturday, Fullbloods, Youth Pool, and Beat Bums will play The Brick. Each band strikes a different chord aesthetically, and together they represent a good smattering of indie rock. Fullbloods’ surfy pop is catchy and laid back; Youth Pool envelopes their listeners in waves of sound; Beat Bums collide sounds to create something totally unclassifiable. […]


Fullbloods, HMPH!, Campdogzz @ Tank Room

This Thursday, Tank Room will host some damn fine indie pop. The show will not only feature the not too funky (but still pretty funky) surf vibes of Fullbloods and the disjunctive mathrock of HMPH! but also ever-building indie pop of the Chicago based band Campdogzz. Each of these bands lands somewhere different along the […]


My Gold Mask, FEE LION, & La Guerre @ Replay

This Saturday at The Replay Lounge, La Guerre, FEE LION, and My Gold Mask will put on a fantastic show. Whether you’re a fan of stripped down electronic pop, slick indie pop, or anthemic dark pop, this show will have something for you. Plus, each act puts on a stage show that is not to […]


Ebony Tusks and Netherfriends @ Replay

Ebony Tusks is a force when the trio takes the stage. The way the three dudes spin out their grimy, industrial beats and heavy-hitting lyrics makes their shows visceral and raw. Likewise, Netherfriends can command a stage like no other. The Chicago based musician combines the neo-hippie vibe of Mac Demarco while delving into something […]


Numero Group Rereleases Boscoe’s Funk

Numero Group always finds something interesting to bring back from the dead. Whether it’s dusting off a never-before-released album of the St. Joseph based psych-band White Eyes or compiling forgotten artists in Kosmic City, Numero Group never has a dull release. Boscoe’s Boscoe is no different. The early 70s afro-funk band makes the type of […]


Local Showcase: The Noise FM

Okay, technically The Noise FM now lives in Chicago. But the duo had its beginning in Lawrence, and the Kansas town’s psy-pop sheen stays close to the band’s aesthetic. From their earliest release to their latest, Attraction, the band has crafted well-structured songs that leave little out. Attraction bubbles with a sexuality that has all […]

New Single from Common, “War”

It’s no secret Chicago, particularly the neighborhoods in the South Side are in a very bad way.┬áIf countless (almost voyeuristic) news reports weren’t enough, Chicago natives from Chief Keef to Kanye West and Chance the Rapper have been journalistically detailing painful scenes of “funerals for little girls” and homicide totals dwarfing numbers from wars. It’s […]