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Photo by Ebru Yildiz, courtesy of Sub Pop Records

Album Review: Metz – Strange Peace

“Mess Of Wires” is the churning, hypnotic intro track on Metz’ third album “Strange Peace.” Within seconds, the Canadian noise rock trio reminds the world of its songwriting prowess and its ability to select the perfect tones. The song that follows, “Drained Lake,” is another feat that could only be pulled off by musicians as […]


Destroyer’s Poison Season Fits Fall Well

Today is a great day for new music: Foals (and a listening party), Mynabirds, The Weeknd, Beach House (and their scavenger hunt), and many more. One of those “many mores” is one of my favorite bands Destroyer. It’s been two years since their latest EP Five Spanish Songs and four years since the band’s last […]

New Release: Mac Demarco 2 Demos

Mac Demarco has certainly captured my attention both with his nude antics and chilled blue wave sound. Part melancholy and mundane and part celebratory and engaged, both of Demarco’s full lenghts (2 and Salad Days) reel with squirrelly lead guitars and hazy backing instruments. Mac’s relaxed and sugary vocals weave around catchy melodies with an […]