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Top 10 Indie Pop Albums of 2014 [Brian Clifton's Picks]

10 Tough Love by  Jessie Ware. Jessie Ware’s Tough Love is full of reverbed instruments and powerful vocals. Stradling the live between dreampop and RnB, Tough Love keeps the focus on Ware’s crystalline vocals while shifting the instrumentals from pop to a more RnB feel. The self-titled track is tell-tale of the album as a whole. […]

Local Artist Spotlight: Wolf, The Rabbit

Wolf, The Rabbit’s latest album, Wolf Era, is almost a year old. Despite that, it still sounds as fresh as its late September release. A mixture of electronic samples and live instruments, the band creates lush swells of sounds. Longer songs build Wolf Era, giving it an air of power by accretion. That said, each moment […]

Jorge Arana Trio - Oso

In Store Forecast: Jorge Arana Trio, Akkilles, and Temp Tats

Saturday August 2nd is set for a great in store show. With two Pitch Music Awards nominees and a dark horse, Mills Record Company guarantees a show of epic proportions. Jorge Arana Trio will be playing songs from their latest album, Oso, (out of Haymaker Records). Moving away from their more strictly jazz influenced sound, the band […]

Spider Bags’ Frozen Letter

Spider Bags’ latest, Frozen Letter, bucks like the bastard son of The Strokes and Best Coast. Lyrics so uncomplicated they’re genius fill the record. Distorted pop-structures build a nice armature for the band to hang their hooks. Dark surf rock (think half-way between The Beach Boys and Black Sabbath) and irresistible lyrics mesh perfectly in […]

The Pitch Music Awards Preview: Jazz Ensemble

The Pitch Music Awards has done something magical for the Best Jazz Ensemble category. Combining the many flavors of jazz living in Kansas City today, The Pitch has created a tasty platter of music that’s ripe for the picking (okay, I know there are about three metaphors living in there, but that’s because this group of […]

The Pitch Music Awards Preview: Folk Ensemble

The Pitch has brought together the best boot-stomping folk of Kansas City and Lawrence in their Music Award category of best folk ensemble. Ranging from barn-raising country twang to hazed out freak folk, these bands touch Kansas City’s roots as well as make some damn good music. The Clementines are a thick soup of acoustic […]

The Pitch Music Awards Preview: Album of the Year

The Pitch has gathered an eclectic array of musicians for their Album of the Year category. Ranging from pared down minimal bands to full orchestras, the albums definitely highlight the exciting and ever-improving nature of music in Kansas City. Josh Berwanger bobs through his music like a 90s influences Bruce Springsteen. Sometimes endearing, sometimes erratic, […]

The Pitch Music Awards Preview: Best DJ/EDM

These are not the DJs at your cousin’s bat mitzvah, but they’ll sure get you to (c)hallah. Whether they’re burning up the dance floor at bars around Kansas City or engineering tracks in the studio, these DJs and producers create quality dance music. The Pitch brought together a layering of crystalline synth lines and bouncing […]

The Pitch Music Awards Preview: Best Regional Band

The Pitch Music Awards category for Best Regional Band stays fairly set in indie pop. That said, the variations between the bands themselves add a depth that is both refreshing and interesting. Maybe not the most eclectic mix of styles, the category is filled with talent and promise. Dots Not Feathers comes from the opposite […]

The Pitch Music Awards Preview: Best Emerging Act

Like the rest of the categories of The Pitch Music Awards, the best emerging act brims with talent. Bummer, Burial Teens, Katy Guillen and the Girls, Outsides, and Psychic Heat solidify the notion that Kansas City’s music scene is only getting better. Bummer’s music is sludged up and heavy. Bass, guitar, and drums reach a distorted […]

The Pitch Music Awards Preview: Best Punk Band

It seems almost counterintuitive to have an award for best punk band, but The Pitch made one anyway, pitting five kinds of punk against each other for the top spot. All these bands dole out their distinct brands of punk with the recklessness and angst that defines the genre. Ranging from The Bad Ideas’ raw […]

The Antlers and Yellow Ostrich at The Riot Room

  Last night, The Riot Room was packed stage to bar for The Antlers and Yellow Ostrich, and for good reason. The two bands tossed their thickened live sounds through the venue, shaking windows and chest cavities alike. Standing on opposite ends of the dreampop/shoegaze spectrum, The Antlers and Yellow Ostrich took the stage in […]