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New Releases 3/3 @ Mills Record Company

Animal Collective — Hollindagain The Besnard Lakes — Are The Divine Wind (12″ single) Black Mass — World Eater (limited edition black and red marble vinyl) Bleached — Can You Deal? (limited edition white vinyl 12″) Bobby Sauder — Dark Empire Fairgrounds (CD, LOCAL) Bombadil — Fences (180 gm vinyl w/ download including exclusive demo […]


Bombadil Holds On With Their Latest

Bombadil has made a career of mixing levity and gravitas. The quartet’s songs balance the non-sequitor pop aesthetic of most early aughts indie bands with folk’s penchant for the harder stuff of life. The combination gives their bubbling acoustic sound a bit more weight without denying its sugary appeal. And Bombadil’s latest, Hold On, stays […]