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Rock The Twat @ Mills Record Company

This Friday, Mills Record Company will host a benefit for the Rose Brooks Center. Rock The Twat will help victims of domestic violence find refuge and escape the cycle of abuse. Sister Mary Rotten Crotch, Bohemian Cult Revival, and Katy Guillen and The Girls will put on a wonderful show while a $10 cash or […]


Manor Fest 2 Sneak Peek 2

Last week, I wrote about a few of the acts that will be playing Manor Fest 2. From blues to hip hop, indie pop to unadulterated rock, the two day festival operating out of a house in Shawnee Mission will feature music that will couple perfectly with the laid back summer vibes. Manor Fest is […]


Gnarly Davidson, The Sluts, Young Bull Tour Kick Off

This Saturday, all the heavy will be located at The Replay Lounge. Gnarly Davidson, The Sluts, and Young Bull will kick off their tour with a night of distortion thickened guitars and unrelenting percussion. While each band occupies a different area in the heavy spectrum–from bluesy hooks, to classic metal, to stoner riffage–, they all […]


Record Store Day Cometh Part IV

I’ve written about pop, indie, metal, and some of the releases that will be in store on Record Store Day 2016. Now it’s time to write about a genre that has defined, in some ways, the Midwest: country. From swampy blues to jangling pop to southwestern gothic, Mills Record Company is going to have bands […]


Radiation City’s Latest Is Pop With A Bite

It doesn’t take long to fall in love with Radiation City‘s latest, Synesthetica. The band’s ability to layer saccharine-sweet vocal melodies over lush instrumental arrangements allows them to write pop songs that linger for a bit longer than most. Equal parts Poe, We Are Scientists, Son Little, and some je ne sais quoi quality that sits […]


Eyes of Iolite, Hossferatu, and Inner Alter @ Replay

I’ve written before how diverse and great Kansas City’s heavy scene is. Specifically about Ignis Gratis’ shoegazy, heavy punk and Hossferatu‘s blues influenced stoner metal. As phenomenal as it is listening to some of the heaviest bands on wax, it is even more gratifying to see those bands pour out their aural doom from the […]


A Look in The Local Bin: Hossferatu, Ignis Gratis

Kansas City has one of the most diverse and deep heavy scenes around. Whether you’re looking for doom, crust, metal, prog metal, punk, noise-rock, math-metal, or any combination of these terms, you’ll find not one but several bands that make a beautiful amount of noise. Two bands that show the breadth of the heaviness spectrum […]


Son Little’s Self-Titled is a Brilliant Collage

Son Little‘s self-titled debut mixes country twang, Drake-like pop-hop, and lush indie musical arrangements to create an album that is full of smokey grooves. Aaron Livingston (the man behind Son Little) says he makes “American music“–and the way his album blends blues, soul, and revivalist new wave acts to make a sonic collage, an homage […]


Thunderclaps, The Quivers, Old Grey Dog @ Jackpot Saloon

This Saturday, Jackpot Saloon will host Thunderclaps, The Quivers, and Old Grey Dog. The bands on  the bill swing from experimental honky tonk to rockabilly, to garage rock, to blues-influenced rock n roll. While their sounds cover an array of aesthetics, all three acts have one thing in common: they write songs that have catchy […]


Thunderclaps Cook Up a Good Time

Admittedly, when I first came across Thunderclaps‘ online material, I shuddered. I could tell that under lo-fi noise there was something glittering, but that glittering always seemed to be a bit out of reach. Listening to them, for me, was like listening to early Leadbelly recordings–the grit almost out-shined the gold. And then I saw […]


Elyse Weinberg’s Greasepaint Smile

Mix one part Joan Baez’s folk balladry, one part Janis Joplin’s rock rebellion, and one part contemporary nostalgia, and you would have Elyse Weinberg’s Greasepaint Smile, Numero Group’s latest release. The ten song album has a feel that is as at home in Greenwich Village as it is in the House of Blues. Weinberg’s analog […]


Shades of Jade Is That One

There’s something in the water, and whatever it is it’s giving rise to a smooth, neo-soul tinged jazz/R&B renaissance. D’Angelo led the charge nationwide with Black Messiah, and Kendrick Lamar took what was laid down and rearranged it in To Pimp a Butterfly. Likewise, locally, a few bands are picking up on this shift and […]