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Three EPs: Grimes and D’eon, Braids, Adult Jazz

So many really great EPs and 12″ singles were released on Friday. From the Star Wars sountrack to Monster Squad’s limited edition 7″, the short form music world is all a-buzz this week. Three EPs that caught my ear were Adult Jazz‘s Earrings Off!, Braids‘ Companion, and Darkbloom by Grimes and D’eon. Both EPs split the difference between experimental pitchiness and pop’s friendly hooks. […]


Santigold’s 99 Cents Is Worth Every Penny

Late 2015 through early 2016 has been a fantastic time for fans of art pop. Whether your bag is FKA Twigs’ vogue-inspired M3LL155X EP, Grimes’ personae-jumping power pop album, Art Angels, or Radiation City’s genre-bending Synesthetica, there has been no shortage of great releases. Santigold adds to these with her latest album, 99¢. Splitting her time between carefully […]