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Three Shows at Mills Record Company

Mills Record Company is kicking off April right. April is known as both the home of Record Store Day and National Poetry Month. This month, Mills Record Company is also going to make it the month of the most amazing shows. During the first full weekend, the store will host: Heidi Gluck and The Pony Show, […]

Night Riots @ Mills Record Company

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Night Riots playing a free live acoustic set at Mills Record Company. Show starts at 2pm!


Black Friday With Mike Doughty

The weather’s getting cooler, the leaves are falling, large men are smashing into other large men for large sums of money. So that can only mean one thing: Thanksgiving and the holiday season are almost upon us. And after we stuff ourselves with turkey/tofurkey, we can fight the masses for deals on Black Friday. At Mills […]


Move In Party @ Mills Record Company: Night One

After an epic few days of moving records, bins, t-shirts, and more, Mills Record Company has settled into the new space on 4045 Broadway. With more than double the space, a better sound system, and a bigger stage, the new location promises greatness. And the store is wasting no time–especially with that stage. Next weekend, […]


2/19/2016 New Releases at Mills Record Company

Animal Collective — Painting With (comes with slip mat and Domino tote bag) Bobby Bare — The Moon Was Blue (blue vinyl) Brood Ma — Daze Cavern of Anti-Matter — Void beats / Invocation trex (Triple vinyl) Choir of Young Believers — Grasque (colored vinyl) Chuck Johnson — Velvet Arc Count Ossie and The Mystic […]


A Look in The Local Bin: Your Friend & Organized Crimes

There’s something to be said about the depth, the space that reverb drenched vocals add to music. Sometimes, increasing the room a song takes up is the absolute wrong choice–it only magnifies every mistake within the track. But sometimes it makes the song come alive, turns it into an entity that’s larger than life. Your […]


Foxing Deals

Foxing has a sound that is almost intimidatingly cool. From their 2013 debut, Albatross, the St. Louis five piece has pulled together moody but minimal textures to create post-rock that is simultaneously atmospheric and completely present. Foxing’s ability to manipulate tone and timbre is more fleshed out, more controlled in their latest, Dealer. There are […]


High Country Full of Nostalgia and Beauty

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin has been churning out hummable indie pop for the past ten years. Their latest, High Country, continues this trend. From beginning to end, the album boasts a power that eclipses its individual parts. This doesn’t mean that there are not moments of beauty throughout–which there are more than enough […]


Crossroads Summer Block Party

The grills are smoking; the sun is shining (theoretically at least); school has ended until fall. But there’s one last thing that needs to happen before it’s officially summer: The Crossroads Summer Block Party. Featuring some long time favorites of mine, some new favorites, and some bands I’m super excited to see for the first […]

Dwight Twilley Poster

Dwight Twilley To Enchant Mills Record Company on June 3rd

Dwight Twilley may in fact be the non-fictional version of Jareth. And I mean that in the best way possible. His latest release, Always, is full of moody pop-rock. His instrumentals are hazy and gestural–giving their listener just enough to hook them into their next riff. His lyrics paint surreal situations with an ease that is enviable. Always, […]


Record Store Day Preview Part 3: The 7″

Record Store Day is inching closer. As I have written (Part 1 and Part 2), Mills Record Company will be hosting an all day vinyl celebration–featuring an all-day-into-the-night concert (with some of the most exciting bands in the area), drawings and give-a-ways, exclusive record releases, and artist booths. April 18th will surely be a great […]


The Everymen, Gnarly Davidson, and Varma Cross @ Replay

Tomorrow evening, Lawrence will have so many shows happening at once–Bad Religion at Liberty Hall, Turquoise Jeep at The Granada, and The Everymen at Replay Lounge. It will be a rough choice any way it’s sliced, but isn’t having too many shows in one night a good sort of problem? To help make the decision […]