In Store Forecast: Jorge Arana Trio, Akkilles, and Temp Tats

Saturday August 2nd is set for a great in store show. With two Pitch Music Awards nominees and a dark horse, Mills Record Company guarantees a show of epic proportions.

Jorge Arana Trio will be playing songs from their latest album, Oso, (out of Haymaker Records). Moving away from their more strictly jazz influenced sound, the band clings to more elements of noise-rock and lengthy progressions for this five song EP. Sounding more akin to The Mars Volta (between Frances The Mute and Amputechture), they have created a record as interesting as it is immediate. Veterns of the KC music scene, Jorge Arana Trio puts on a fantastic live show.

Akkilles is everyone’s favorite indie crooner. Akkilles’ ambient and ethereal textures combined with David Bennet’s perfectly imperfect voice creates an amazing mixture of longing and intimacy. While not as high energy as Jorge Arana Trio, the band builds its sounds into climactic ends that keeps their sound taut.

Temp Tats are the dark horse of the show. Without any sounds online, the band stays mysterious. That being said, the four-piece will undoubtedly please (given their association with these other wonderful musicians) as well as sprinkle a little secrecy to contemplate in the next couple days.

The concert should be a great blend of old and new KC musicians. And I for one am excited to hear Jorge Arana Trio’s new music, Akkilles’ soulful indie, and to hear Temp Tats for the first time. The all-ages show starts at 7:30 on Saturday.

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