Stifle, Bad Dinner, and The Fog and The Jorge Arana Trio @ FOKL

This Monday (3/30), FOKL will host Stifle, a Chicago based noise punk band who makes some of the most compelling sonic experiments out there. Supporting acts will include the Kansas City based bands* Bad Dinner and The Fog–both of which span the continua of weird and hardcore. The night is sure to be filled with enough sound to burst the walls.

Bad Dinner is straightforward hardcore punk. Their guitars tear through their racingly quick songs. Their drums beat out the time with cymbal heavy rhythms. Their vocals add a growling texture to the fracas. Their shows are noise filled romps that leave nothing wanting–Bad Dinner can be thrashed to, danced to, and listened to without moving (although you might not be having any fun). While their aesthetic is fairly rooted in punk and hardcore, their music isn’t amelodic or arhythmic, which keeps their sound warm and inviting even as the band pummels its audience with distortion saturated songs. Bad Dinner recently put out a split with Ward that features two tracks and offers a glimpse to their chaotic live shows.

Alike in that they put on a fantastic live show and use elements of noise to highlight their music, The Fog will add their distinct sound to the mix. The three piece meshes a surprising amount of textures into each of their songs. Each song The Fog makes sounds like a quilt–a time signature change here, a pop structure there, a raspy vocal shard here, a bouncing guitar lead there. The constant movement never bores. Both Darkness USA and their B-sides show a band with a tremendous amount of potential, a fact noticed by High Dive Records who have signed them. Still their recorded material doesn’t begin to light upon the passion of their live shows. As if each member as an infinite well of energy, The Fog burns through their sets and keeps going.

Stifle will stray more toward the Bad Dinner end of the tonal spectrum. Darker and heavier than The Fog, Stifle blends punk, hardcore, experimental, and process music together to make something that is pretty much unclassifiable. Their five song EP, Grace Black, sounds like the love child of The Locusts, early Death From Above 1979, and very, very early Tobacco. In short, Stifle sounds like the best thing to explode from the punk/hardcore scene in a very long time. Their songs shimmer with energy that is compounded exponentially during their live set.

This show will not be one to miss. It will feature three bands that not only make some devastingly amazing music but also put on fantastic performances as well. The show starts at 8pm, and I guarantee it will be a rip-roaring time.


*After posting this, it was announced that The Jorge Arana Trio will also be playing. Just when we thought the night couldn’t get any better, it does.

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