Sound Machine: Various Blonde, Valley Hush, GGOOLLDD, Jaenki

This week/year might have been a bust but not this weekend. There are a ton of great shows happening this weekend. Of all the shows that are planned, Sound Machine at recordBar is the one I’m looking forward to the most. Featuring indie pop from Various Blonde, Valley Hush, GGOOLLDD, and Jaenki, the night will be a great way to forget the past 24 hrs (or few years). Each band brings a unique sound to the mix, and all of them craft the most delicious ear worms.

If you haven’t heard Valley Hush, one of the newest additions to The Record Machine, you need to change that. The Detroit electronic duo brings together various electronic influences to create a sound that is simultaneously danceable and extremely deep. Listening to their forthcoming self-titled debut (vinyl out 11/25), one can hear threads of Depeche Mode, Purity Ring, CHVRCHES, and other pop electronica/industrial, weaving a tapestry of taut and lush sound.

Jaenki, while incorporating electronic sounds, writes more straightforward pop music. The quartet’s songs are full and hypnotic–collaging arpeggiators with traditional progressions. Jaenki’s ability to layer rhythmic patterns on top of each other without losing the individual hooks of each gives their grooves an accretive power. Whether you’re hooked in the first moments or not, the Kansas City band will have you addicted to their electronic pop by the end of their songs.

GGOOLLDD’s songs burn with a tension that is more than the some of its parts. The Milwaukie five piece can fill a space with their synthetic textures and catchy as hell melodies. GGOOLLDD’s music is the kind that is meant to diffuse through a PA–the louder the better–, to fill a venue with its atmospheric magic. Catchy and large, pick any song from the band’s discography and I guarantee it will be a banger.


Ending the night will be Various Blonde. The band’s Record Machine debut, All Bases Covered, is a mammoth heatwave of sound. From start to finish, the album burns with more sexual tension than Goo on Valentines Day and more rage than Rush Limbaugh in a traffic jam. The album’s title track is dark and brooding without leaving the dance floor behind. If you need perfect sound to jam out to after election day, then this is it.

Whether you’re here for pop or electronica, for heavier grooves or lush textures, Sound Machine at recordBar will be the show to see this weekend. The entire bill is full of great acts. The Friday show starts at 8pm and is 18+.

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