Sinoia Caves’ Beyond The Black Rainbow Is Your New Favorite Soundtrack

Beyond The Black Rainbow wraps its ethereal grooves around intensely dark and pummeling drums to transform the record into a wormhole with one end in the future and one end in the dystopian sci-fi riddled 80s. Although, I must admit to being ignorant to the film, Beyond The Black Rainbowthe soundtrack proves an aural experience that can only be described as an all-encompassing and haunting affair.

Sinoia Caves seems to have gotten the sound right to provide a disturbing yet atmospheric score to a film that explores the darker aspects of a seemingly utopian society. Layering mellotron choirs and noise-dense analog sounds, Sinoia Caves creates thick songs that expand to fill all the space of the individual tracks.

The “single” from the soundtrack, “Forever Dilating Eye,” is highly digestible as a unit and offers an amazing entry point for those who have not seen the movie and as a touchstone for those who have. “Forever Dilating Eye” is a hazed over soup of a song. Springing from a well of swirled synthesized choirs, the song as a long lead up and short onset. Once Sinoia Caves bathes its listener with its ethereal swells, the band introduces a brooding drum track. The beat gives the haze an energy and urgency that acts as a microcosm to the fascinatingly haunting aspects of the album as a whole.

Beyond The Black Rainbow storms through its mid-length tracks. Sinoia Caves has created an amalgamation of tracks that resonate within the same psychological sphere while carving out distinctive moments in each track. Indeed, each song moves with glacial intensity but each track pushes against its coherence to the other songs–a push that is overcome as the album progresses through its growing soundscapes.

Apart from the single, my favorite track of the album is “Run Program: Sentionauts.” The song’s synthy leads whistle like a redshifted version of the Halloween theme, which adds to the ominous atmosphere the album exudes. While “Run Program: Sentionauts” never reaches the energy level of “Forever Dilating Eye,” its power lies within its slow-boil effect. The track sneaks into the ears and grows in its otherworldly feel.

In all, Beyond The Black Rainbow pours out its beautifully terrifying textures with an originality that is pricked with the familiar. A collage of airy 80s synths, the album is rigged with a crystalline distance. Meaning despite its apparent beauty, the soundtrack remains elusive and at arm’s length, which is not so much a criticism as it is a comment on the apparent theme of the film itself. While I cannot speak directly about the film, its soundtrack totally immerses the listener in layer after layer of ethereal sounds–a most listen for any fan of textural music.

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