Singles Review: FKA twigs

FKA twigs weirds up RnB. With two EPs and an LP (which is now available at Mills Record Company–I highly recommend checking it out), the London based artist creates her songs out of her ethereal voice and haunting dreampop samples. LP1 (her latest release) has a simple to understand formula: incredible voice+dodgy beats+grimy textures. That said, the lyrics are spiced with an enchanting melancholy that is simultaneously alien and extremely resonant. In a way, FKA twigs combines the best parts of Janelle Monae and Imogen Heap with a technical skill that would make both artists jealous.

LP1 has two singles: “Pendulum” and “Two Weeks.” Each brims with the aforementioned affect that does nothing but draw you in. “Two Weeks” unfurls as a more “radio-friendly” hit–with its standard pop-structure. That said, the extreme vocal harmonies give it a far-from-pop-avant garde lean. Lyrically, from what I can gather, the song seems to be about longing from the point of view of some sort of drug, which is strange and awesome. The fact that her melodies, harmonies, and minimal instrumentation can make me care so much for something that is inanimate is amazing.

“Pendulum” on the other hand modulates into far weirder aural territory. Lyrically, the song is a bit more of a straightforward lament. Where the song stands out from standard (or even non-standard) RnB begins with the computerized chorus that hums around FKA twigs’ voice. A slow build of fragmented melody and patchy instrumentation, “Pendulum” lures its listener in until her ear is on the speaker before unraveling its understated aural power.

This sort of draw  in then overwhelm defines FKA twigs style. And it’s a style that is particularly infectious. These singles (and LP1 as a whole) get their hooks in you and stay there for days. As soon as a song is over, it demands to be played again. It’s a wonder why FKA twigs has stayed relatively under the radar after creating such beautiful arrangements. In any case, definitely check out FKA twigs’ LP1 for these two songs and more.


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