Show Preview: Red Kate/Domestica/Varma Cross in Lawrence, KS

Red Kate Band 2018

You know Red Kate. You love Red Kate. You will go see Red Kate.

For those out of the know, Red Kate is one of Kansas City’s best live bands. Blending punk and rock and roll (what more do you need?) with a swift dose of politically charged lyrics, Red Kate is like a kick in the ass for 2018 – just what everyone needs. Their latest release Unamerican Activities is unabashedly loud and brash while sounding like a glroious mix-up of the Misfits, Replacements and a tiny bit of someone like Jawbreaker that should have something for everyone to get down to.

Along for the ride are Nebraska’s Domestica. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because Domestica is comprised of former members of Mercy Rule. Mercy Rule had a good two-decade run of notoriety and now their new shindig is Domestica. Got it? Good – because they still rule.

Roundig out the bill are Varma Cross which should be on every Kansas Citian’s radar who hasn’t been living under a rock in recent times – though you shouldn’t be blamed if you have.

Red Kate, Domestica and Varma Cross will perform at the Replay Lounge in Lawrence, KS on Saturday January 6th. It’s a cheap show too – $3! And the temperature may even get into the low 30s, so be sure to wear your best shorts and lots of sunscreen.

red kate flyer

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