Show Preview: Punks At The Art Closet

This Thursday, The Art Closet will host five punk and punkish bands: joliette, Colonia, Lion House, American Thunder Band, and Bad Dinner. All five bands hit hard and immediate, taking on acts of political injustice both on the large/general and on the small/personal scales as subjects for their songs. Also, given that Lion House, American Thunder Band, and Bad Dinner are Kansas City bands, there is sure to be a lot of rallying around what’s happening in Ferguson.

joliette, from Puebla Mexico, explodes on contact. From the onset of their songs, their sound thrashes out and pummels its listener in the best ways. joliette combines the best aspects of punk, hardcore, noise, and post-hardcore to create an aesthetic that is as immediate as any heavy chugging with the weird intricacies of any mathcore band. Sounding like Everything You Wanted to Know About Silence era Glassjaw, the band creates some intriguing and intense sounds–definitely not something to miss.

Likewise, Colonia burns through its songs like the apocalypse will start halfway through their set. Their songs, which rarely (if ever) clock over three-minutes, mix dissonance and noise with frenetic rhythms. Their songs create a narrative of disjointedness–all being titled Day 1, Day 2, etc. This series does well to highlight their incremental evolution from song beginning to song end.

Lion House moves in a different vein. Their songs breathe in between moments of extreme intensity. A mix of Saved By Grace, Hopesfall, and Texas Is The Reason, Lion House strains through their songs–giving each note everything they have. The result is a mash of shredded vocals, hardened guitars, and melodic dissonance. Lion House’s songs progress in a way that is different from the other bands.

American Thunder Band leans more toward Lion House than joliette or Colonia. There’s a sincerity underneath their snarky titles. Full of distortion and angst, the three-piece never gives up. They send their soundwaves out demanding an audience, and to much avail. Their earnest lyrics and stripped down sound gives American Thunder Band a clarity worth checking out. The band seems tuned to the pulse of distress of a person and a people.

Bad Dinner thrashes harder than any local band in memory. A mess of symbol highlighted drums, dissonant chords, relentless bass, and howling vocals, Bad Dinner sets fire to the speakers and stays for the show. Their songs are hard without being repelling. A perfect complement to the aforementioned bands, the four-piece will undoubtedly grab you and throw you into their fray.

The show is this Thursday (December 4th). It is all ages and starts at 8:30pm. Show up to support some wonderful touring bands and some awesome local talent.

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