Show Preview: Inner Altar/Keef Mountain in Kansas City 01/06/17

Inner Altar Band

Kansas City has their own Black Sabbath and they’re named Inner Altar.

While Inner Altar has only existed as a band for a few years, the impact they’ve made on the local heavy metal scene is immeasurable. Combining the heaviness and psychedelic groove of early Saint Vitus and the aforementioned Black Sabbath with the riffs and songwriting of classic heavy bands like Cirith Ungol and Witchfinder General, Inner Altar is basically a smorgasbord of everything you want out of a heavy metal group.

With two demos and a live recording, Inner Altar has been working on a new album. The group will be performing the unreleased album in its entirety at this gig – truly one of the best ways to kick off the new year! Get buzzed and prepared to learn all the words to all of your new favorite songs from your new favorite KC band.

Kansas City’s loudest band, Keef Mountain, hopefully won’t bust everyone’s ear drums – although it wouldn’t be the first time if they did. As a two-piece, they make louder fuzzed-out stoner/doom metal than most other groups can do with three times the members. Combine Sleep, Fu Manchu and Kyuss and you’ve got a pretty close idea to what you’re in for.

Opening the shindig are two relatively newer bands to the local heavy music scene. Wichita’s Mystery Blood are just as much psychedelic fuzz freakout as they are rock and roll. The perfect soundtrack to cruising through the desert and tripping on LSD. Also appearing are Stone Grower – a group that experiments with their sound but never loses sight of the psychedelia and groove that fits them right alongside this bill and most others.

Inner Altar headlines at the Riot Room in Kansas City, MO on Saturday, January 6th alongside Keef Mountain, Mystery Blood and Stone Grower. It’s only $5 so you really have no excuse for not being there.

Inner Altar Keef Mountain 2018 Flyer



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