Show Preview: Haymaker Records Showcase at RecordBar 07/24/15

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You’re in store for one hell of a night.

Last July, Haymaker Records released their first vinyl record – Jorge Arana Trio’s Oso EP. Here we are, one year later, with six released and 3 more coming this summer/fall. So think of this as a bit of a celebration as well as an excuse to party with 5 amazing bands for dirt cheap.

Opening the night is progressive rockers Riala. What’s impressive about this group is not just their way to incorporate a fusion of genres, like math rock and shoegaze – but how effortless they make it seem. Riala is definitely a group whose songs take repeat listens to appreciate all the intricacies of them.

Up next is the two-piece group HMPH, which is exactly the sound people make when trying to wrap their head around this insane band. There hasn’t been a band with this many twists and turns coalescing with technical playing since Frank Zappa (okay maybe not, but it sure seems that way). One of Kansas City’s hidden gems for sure.

Entering their 21st year of existence (!!!), Be/Non is right in the middle of this stacked lineup. Playing around with conventional pop song structures with a background of psychedelia and some of the grooviest melodies you’ll hear this Summer, Be/Non is the perfect soundtrack for dancing the night away.

Heavy hitters Schwervon! are the penultimate group for this Haymaker Records party. No strangers to any Kansas City resident with half a pulse, Schwervon! is a fantastic combination of indie, punk, alternative and just about everything in between that makes for excellent performances and memorable songs.

And last, but certainly not least, is one of the most impressive groups in Kansas City today – The Jorge Arana Trio. If you’ve been paying attention, there’s no way you aren’t conscious about one of the best acts in town today – Jorge Arana & co. blend together jazz fusion, math rock, indie rock and a million other styles to create something unique and personal – and it’s amazing. Due to their schedule playing shows often and the quality of their work, there’s no way The Jorge Arana Trio stays just a local wonder for very long – big things are in stores for this trio.

Haymaker Records’ Summer Showcase is taking place at the Record Bar on Friday, July 25th at 9:00 PM and features The Jorge Arana Trio, Schwervon!, Be/Non, HMPH, and Riala. Tickets are only $8! Click here for more info.

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