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Clutch is an anomaly.

The Maryland-based band is in their 24th year of existence after tirelessly touring for most of that time and releasing an expansive and eclectic discography that has captivated everyone from casual fans of blues and ’50s rock and roll to the most die-hard of metalheads. Somehow, Clutch has tapped the vein of playing so many different styles so well that most other bands wildly miss the mark of. With tours supporting everyone from Brazilian death metal band Sepultura to 90s shock rock icon Marilyn Manson, to having now-legendary acts like Mastodon and William Elliott Whitmore open for them – the music of Clutch truly can touch anyone.

With a huge repertoire of songs to pick and choose from, Clutch rarely plays the same setlist two nights in a row. Their live shows are always unpredictable and since they don’t really have any “singles” to throw in every show, it’s possible to get several rarities each time they play. The band has ten full-length albums to choose songs from, along with a bevy of unreleased songs, b-sides and more. Going to a Clutch show is the equivalent of smacking a pinata full of records and seeing what falls out.

Last time Clutch was in Kansas City was an opening set for world-famous Motorhead – another band that isn’t afraid to wear their love for the blues and rock and roll on their sleeve. Now, they are back headlining on the strength of their fantastic 2013 album Earth Rocker. The album is a bit more rock and roll heavy than their past couple of full-length releases, but still has an injection of blues and even some R&B elements. Direct support for the show is Lionize, who has made a name for themselves through being Clutch’s opening act for a few years now. If Clutch had more jam band and reggae influence – they’d be Lionize. Opening the show is the fantastic American Sharks, a heavy stoner rock band that sounds like The Sword playing Ramones songs.

Catch Clutch with Lionize and American Sharks at the Midland Theater in Kansas City, MO on Thursday, September 18th. Tickets are cheap – you have no excuses!

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