Second Hand King to Reveal FRANKIE @ recordBAR

This Friday at recordBar, Second Hand King will debut cuts from his forthcoming album, FRANKIE. From what has been posted, FRANKIE will move in a different direction than Second Hand King’s second album, Almost Blue. Whereas Almost Blue brooded and coiled around its melancholy, this album bounces lighter and more upbeat (even when it focuses on the less savoury moments of life). Joining the MC will be Rachel Mallin & The Wild Type, Pistol Pete, The Kid Nicky Halt, and Chris Flow for night packed with talent.

Chris Flow’s sound goes hard. Whether the MC is spitting bars about grinding til 4am or Trap Queens, Chris Flow’s vocal gymnastics plod ever forward. His subtle soundplay gives his lyrics a plain spoken quality that, upon further inspection, reveal the density of linguistic magic with which the MC stuffs his lines.

Combining slicked over synth leads and rapid-fire delivery, The Kid Nicky Halt knows how to split his time between party bangers and consciousness to maximize his songs’ hooks. From his earliest mixtapes to his latest album, II/IV: Little Green Apples, The Kid Nicky Halt shows a penchant for bouncing between double-timing over the beat and slowing his flow to a glacial pace. The effect is a sound that balances high-energy and laid back vibes.

Pistol Pete always spits fire. The Kansas City rapper blasts through the beats with some of the most agile lyrics in the city. Flowing slick like Flatbush Zombies or A$AP Ferg, Pistol Pete never disappoints on his own tracks or when he appears in other MC’s songs. Compounding his recorded gold with a live performance that absolutely wrecks every show, the rapper is an event to catch.

Sort of the odd act out, Rachel Mallin & The Wild Type make indie pop. What the singer songwriter and her band lack in beats and flows, they make up with passion and a live show so energetic it rivals nuclear fission (ask anyone at SXSW). The band bridges the gap between the harder corners of the rap spectrum that will be represented on Friday and the show’s poppier elements.

Ending the night, Second Hand King finds the intersection between doo wop, jazz, hip hop, swing, indie pop, and occupies it better than anyone else could. Hovering around the same aesthetic sphere as serengeti, WHY?, London O’Connor, and Open Mike Eagle, the Kansas City MC is able to switch from heavy subjects to self-deprecating humor between bars with such agility, he’ll have you rewinding the song to see how he did it.

This Friday, the place to see music will be recordBar. Whether you like the body-shuddering bass of Chris Flow, the rapid fire delivery of Pistol Pete, the hyper-produced flows of The Kid Nicky Halt, the intense indie pop of Rachel Mallin & The Wild Type, or the hybridity of Second Hand King, this show will be the concert to kick the weekend off right.

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