Sahavannes, False Brother, Justinxshon, Dead Dads Club @ Mills Record Company

Shuttlecock Magazine‘s showcases are some of the best ways to catch new, up and coming musicians. And the first showcase of 2017 promises nothing different. Featuring Sahvannes, False Brother, Justinxshon, and Dead Dads Club, the in store will bring together pop, post-punk, beats, and rap for an eclectic night of great music.

Dead Dads Club sounds incredible lush despite the minimal instrumentation (an acoustic guitar) and the distant vocals. The singer songwriter’s saccharine sound is sharply juxtaposed by the angst that fills her lyrics. Sounding like the lovechild of Brand New and Feist, Dead Dads Club proves sadness can create some hook-filled pop. With albums made from incredibly concise arrangements, the singer songwriter wastes no time getting to the point and leaving–something refreshing in a genre that usually waffles around the point.


Eschewing lyrics (almost) entirely, Justinxshon makes beats that stretch the continuum between soul, flamenco, triphop, and so many other styles. The beat-maker’s ability to collage a large swath of samples gives his songs a sense of surprise at every turn. Will the next beat be a warbled big band? A chopped piano ballad? A spaced-out disco beat? With Justinxshon, it’s hard to tell. Everything on the musician’s soundcloud boasts an incredible amount of potential. Keep your eyes and ears on this beat-maker.

False Brother melds post-punk and psych for a sound that is part Joy Division, part Sinoia Caves, part She Wants Revenge, and part Moon Duo. Twisting even the most mundane situations into strange, sci-fi-esque nightmarish soundscapes, False Brother seems to have made a soundtrack for our current dystopia. Under their Aase Bergian lyrics, the band throughs layers of distorted riffs and driving percussion to make feeling bad feel good. While these post-punks definitely pay homage to the bands that came before, they are entirely in their own league.

Sahvannes has one of my favorite lyrics of all time (“I feel like Picasso on acid”). The line acts as a microcosm to the Kansas City rapper’s overarching aesthetic. Mixing art concepts with visceral tales of navigating the ever-changing social fabric of growing up, Sahvannes is able to fit together precision and prettiness in a way that is rare. The rapper fills his songs with flows that are as nuanced and complex as they are incredibly catchy. Ever insightful and charged, Sahvannes skates down his beats with a vocal agility that is matched by his tracks’ compelling instrumentals.

Sahvannes, False Brother, Justinxshon, and Dead Dads Club will put on an amazing in store. If you’ve been to a Shuttlecock Showcase before, then you know that these events are the perfect way to kick off the weekend. If you haven’t yet, then this Friday would be the perfect way to find out how fun these shows can be.

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