Royal Teeth, Tristen, Rachel Mallin & The Wild Type @ Tank Room

This Friday is a night of wonderful concerts. Starting at 6, Mills Record Company will host Rock The Twat, a benefit for The Rose Brooks Center. And after that at the Tank Room, Royal Teeth, Rachel Mallin & The Wild Type, and Tristen will fill the venue with some slickly crafted indie pop. The three bands will collage their different takes on pop to make a night that is as eclectic as it is coherent.

Royal Teeth has a few albums to  their name. Amateurs, their most recent EP, is veritable feast of uptempo hooks and airy rhythms. Each song on the EP swells with lush arrangements and arresting vocal melodies. But this is only to say the band is continuing their established aesthetic. Amateurs plays like a reworking, a rerendering of what Royal Teeth has been working to perfect in their debut EP and LP. In the single, “Wild,” there are definite threads picked up and strengthened in their latest release. With a stage show to match their recorded energy, Royal Teeth is not an act to miss.

Tristen is a singer songwriter. But not that kind. Or that kind. The Chicago native and Nashville transplant works hard to reinvent the singer songwriter, blending solo performance with David Bowie-esque attitude and electronically built soundscapes. The result is a sound that is as intimate as it is powerful. Tristen’s aesthetic is part bar singer in a dream, part Miranda July character, and part weirded electric- folk, which is to say the singer songwriter refuses to be simply categorized. Bringing in elements from all over the spectrum, Tristen makes music that is solidly indie pop but also just left of center–making her sounds strange and wonderful.

Rachel Mallin & The Wild Type make some of the most refined pop in Kansas City. The band has come together with a chemistry that is hard to create after years and years of gigging around. That Rachel Mallin & The Wild Type know how to bring out the best of all the members is not only an impressive feat but also makes for some really great music. While the single, “White Girls,” from Degenerate Matters is a complex and catchy tune, the band is able to recreate this magic throughout their debut EP. Far from being a studio band, Rachel Mallin & The Wild Type always put on a show when they take the stage.

If you’re a fan of well-crafted indie pop, look no further than the Tank Room this Friday. Featuring music from Royal Teeth, Tristen, and Rachel Mallin & The Wild Type, the show will start at 8pm and be the perfect start to the weekend (or to keep the party going).

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