Riala, Lions & Creators, Weathered, Clearviews @ The Tank Room

This Saturday, The Tank Room will be awash with some of the most intricate mathrock, post-punk/rock/hardcore musicians in the area. Supporting Minnesota based bands Lions & Creators and Weathered, Riala and Clearviews will give a show not to be missed. All the acts on the bill inject their songs with raw passion and back that passion with a technical skill that is staggering.

Clearviews unfurls like an edgier Gauntlet Hair. The Kansas City four piece pairs lush and angular guitar riffs with reverb dusted vocals to create stunningly deep soundscapes that successfully flit between brooding atmospheric texture and jittering post-hardcore. Clearviews has the ability to make songs that have such dimensionality within their constrained timeframes. With an average song time between one and two and half minutes, the band jams as many interesting melodies and riffs into each second as possible.


Minnesota based Weathered takes the full soundscapes of Clearviews and extends them. Whether the band swims through textured washes of sound or bounces down distortion-thickened riffs, there remains a constant tonal coherence throughout their work. With vocal melodies that crest the aural surface before diving below the band’s aural ocean, Weathered’s words offer glimpses into the moments that offer fracture or rupture to their speakers’ identities. In short, they write really great, sad songs.

Riala might be singlehandedly reviving that early aughts post-emo math rock sound. The band takes equally from Hopesfall, Receiving End of Sirens, and The Dear Hunter–all the while infusing these influences with jazzy rhythms and weirded RnB melodies. In addition to having a powerful full length¬†on wax, Riala is able to take what makes their sound so technically polished and amplify it on stage. Infusing their music with a presence that demands attention, the Kansas City band, more than a mere collection of talented musicians, is a veritable musical force both live and on record.

Lions & Creators blends the dirt-rubbed etherial quality of the best examples of post-rock (think Godspeed You! Black Emperors, This Will Destroy You, etc.) with vocals that are equal parts hook and drone. Each element of the Minnesota band’s songs weaves together to create kaleidoscopic tracks that positively radiate. Lions & Creators seemingly effortlessly combine the best aspects of drone based music with the catchiness of the best examples of indie pop, making their songs complex without overbearing, sweet but not saccharine, heavy hitting without losing tenderness.

If you love intricate and complex guitar work or if you’re just getting into the beautiful world of math rock/post-rock, then Saturday’s show at The Tank Room is not a show to miss. Riala and Clearviews will be repping Kansas City’s music scene in support of Minnesota based acts Weathered and Lions & Creators.

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