A Recording Contest For Record Store Day

For Record Store Day (April 16th), Mills Record Company will be giving away two sets of 8 free hours with engineer at both Westend Recording Studios and Element Recording Studios–both locally owned and located here in Kansas City. Customers and fans will be able to vote the day of Record Store Day. Voting will commence all day at the voting both in the current store and cease once the final act finishes their set in the new space and the store closes. The winner will be drawn the Monday or Tuesday after Record Store Day. There are over 20 bands this year, so come out and vote for your favorite!


As way to celebrate the local support that the music community and Kansas City has given our store since the beginning, we want to give back. And studio time seems appropriate. Each band can use the time when and how they please on whatever project or format they choose. And customers can take part by voting, making it a full on community event.

Westend Recording Studios (Mike Miller / Justin Mantooth)

Established in 1983 by Mike Miller and then relocated between Mike Miller and Bart Biechele in 1988, Westend Studios is an studio located right off State Line and 45th. Main producer/engineer is the skilled Justin Mantooth who has recorded bands in the area such as Radkey, 34, and BUMMER. Westend has also been involved with projects/bands such as Shy Boys, Shiner, Riddle of Steel. The ABC’s, Ghosty, Pedal Jets, and more!

Element Recordings Studios (Joel Nanos)

Founded, owned, and run by head engineer Joel Nanos, Element Recordings is located close to Southwest Blvd & 25th St. Element Studios has had made a huge impact in KC lately recording and being apart of projects such as Madisen Ward & The Mama Bear, The Conquerors, The Sluts, Jorge Arana Trio, LAZY, Me Like Bees, and plenty more!

Come on out to Record Store Day 2016 this year and catch 20+ live acts for free! Make sure to vote for your favorite band before you leave as well–no band ever will pass up free studio time–so vote for the one you think deserves it most!

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