Record Store Day: Psychedelia

Record Store Day is fast approaching. Whether you’re into hip hop, exclusive 45s, rock, new vinyl, used vinyl, pop, reggae, or any other thing vinyl related, then this April 22nd will have something for you. As I’ve said before, Record Store Day is celebrating its 10th year of existence and is releasing some of its best titles yet. Mills Record Company is expanding this anniversary by providing refreshments, live music, and a ton of fresh used wax. I would like to talk about the weirder titles coming out this year.

First and foremost is Ken Kesey’s The Acid Test LP. The 60s were a different time. This LP is a testament to that. Full of psychedelic sound effects, bits of song, spoken word, linguistic experimentation, this live record is aptly titled. Unfurling like lysergic acid on the tongue, The Acid Test manages to blend together drama, humor, noise, and harmony in ways that hadn’t been done before (or since). This piece of history was originally limited to 500 copies. Perfect for any fan of Timothy Leary, Beat Literature, or 60s’ counterculture, Ken Kesey’s The Acid Test will expand your mind.

Equally trippy, The Rough Guide to Bollywood: The Psychedelic Years bursts with swirling guitars and melting vocals for a compilation that is brilliantly otherworldly. The lush orchestrations leave no aural corner unexplored. In regards to Western aesthetics, Bollywood’s music, even at its most mundane, departs entirely from the structures and tones we’ve come to respect; its psychedelic years only reinforce this juxtaposition. Always surprising between tracks, within tracks, and between sides, The Rough Guide to Bollywood: The Psychedelic Years continues the Rough Guide series’ commitment to bringing together the best of the musical world.

Approaching psychedelia from another direction, Hawkwind mixes spaced out sounds with rock and garage in a way that paved the way for much of the music that dominates today’s rock. This Record Store Day, Hawkwind will be putting out a compilation, Best of The United Years, which will chronicle the psych band’s years with United. Featuring material from ’71 to ’74, this album bubbles with synthetic soundeffects, overdriven guitars, and effect heavy vocals for some  of the darkest psychedelia from the other side of the pond.

Record Store Day is next week. If you haven’t made it a priority to visit your favorite local record joint next Saturday, you should (or you could always miss out on all the crazy cool exclusives). And if you’re unsure of how to get to Mills Record Company here are some driving directions:

From the North:

Take I-35 to Southwest Trafficway; Take a Left on Mill Street; Take a Right on Westport Road; Mills Record Company will be across Broadway on the Left

From the South:

Take US-71 North; Exit on 39th street; Take a Left on Broadway; Mills Record Company will be on the Left

From the East:

Take 39th Street to Broadway; Take a Left on Broadway; Mills Record Company will be on the Left

From the West:

Take 39th Street to Broadway; Take a Right on Broadway; Mills Record Company will be on the Left

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