Record Store Day Preview Part 3: The 7″

Record Store Day is inching closer. As I have written (Part 1 and Part 2), Mills Record Company will be hosting an all day vinyl celebration–featuring an all-day-into-the-night concert (with some of the most exciting bands in the area), drawings and give-a-ways, exclusive record releases, and artist booths. April 18th will surely be a great day for vinyl-philes and all music lovers.

That said, one of the best things about Record Store Day is the exclusive 7″ releases. They usually have some sort of schtick that makes them simultaneously kitschy and wonderful. This year is no different. There are four releases that I’m incredibly excited for–both in terms of their content and packaging. 10423818_761271887313731_6060437650772490940_n

The first and foremost is Father John Misty‘s heart-shaped 7″. As he showed us last night at The Granada, Josh Tillman is still on top of his sarcastic, self-aware fun-folk game. Tillman sang his heart out for nearly two hours as he flailed across stage–writhing his lanky frame to the beat. His performance energized old and new songs alike, adding a new dimension to his latest release. The show made me very excited to hear his Record Store Day exclusive. The red heart-shaped vinyl features an alternate acoustic take of “I Love You, Honeybear” and an album outtake “I’ve Never Been a Woman.” The acoustic version of “I Love You, Honeybear” has been floating around the internet for sometime, but the outtake seems to be unheard. Will it be like the electro-pop of “True Affection”? The psych haze of “Chateau Lobby #4 (in C for two Virgins)”? Or the rocking angst of “Ideal Husband”?

Moving in another current is A$AP Rocky‘s LPFJ2 7″, which will be on colored vinyl. The smooth-flowing jaw-gymnast seems capable of nimbly backflipping through any beat. Utilizing an almost straightforwardly made for radio sound, A$AP Rocky seems at home hovering over minimalistic beats and thin synths. Both “Lord Pretty Flack Jodye” and “Multiply (feat. Juicy J)” exhibit a rapper who can meld flows and rhythms without sacrificing a visceral, immediate feel.

Spanning the continuum between content and aesthetic is Black Star‘s star-shaped picture disc. Talib Kweli and Mos Def have a bit more overt depth than average–their lyrics extend 418456384689beyond any specific experience to comment on overall systems. Side A of the 7″ will feature “Fix Up,” and side B will feature “You Already Know.” Both songs have their foundations in sample-heavy beat-making and lyrics that milk every moment of all its drama. In addition to the disc’s content, its packaging is as clever as its songs (Black Star on a black star). It is definitely a must have for any hip hop lover.

Finally, The Kinks will continue to celebrate their 50th anniversary with a slew of 7″. The pioneers the distorted pop sound of The British Invasion can be heard in nearly every indie pop act today. Their songs are inextricably meshed into pop culture’s musical history. Their three Record store 7″, titled Kinksized Hits, Kinksized Session, and The Kinks Live, will feature their most recognizable hit “You Really Got Me” both live and in studio as well as other great cuts. Their cover of “Louie Louie” will also be on one of the 7″. All of the 7″ exclusives will be an excellent way of celebrating the band’s legacy in music as well as their 50th anniversary.

Come check out these exclusive 7″ releases as well as the full lengths, re-issues, live music, and local art all day April 18th. There is sure to be something for everyone whether its your first record purchase or your thousandth.

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