Record Store Day: Live Music and More

So Record Store Day is only a few days away. I’ve written about some of the amazing exclusive releases you’ll find at Mills Record Company (too many to list; just type “record store day” in the blog’s search bar), but I want to focus on something just as good as limited edition pressings: live music. In addition to the list in its entirety, Mills Record Company will host a High Dive Records Showcase, featuring Fullbloods, The Whiffs, BUMMER, and The Conquerors. Whether you love noise-driven metal or garage pop, this line-up will have something to dazzle you with.

Fullbloods’ Mild West is one of those records that grows as one listens to it. The genius of its jangling riffs and mundane turned sublime lyrics become more apparent with each revolution. Backing their recorded material with a live show that is equally powerful, the band takes their grooves and expands them. Their pop bubbles into psych-pop and synth magic. 

Coming off their debut releases, Take A Whiff!, The Whiffs do not slow down. The Kansas City supergroup fills their songs with the bouncing energy of The Ramones and the pop hooks of The Kinks. Take A Whiff! burns through its parts with a barely reined abandon. With songs that never quite hit the three minute mark, the album finds the perfect intersection between garage pop and early punk–an intersection that maximizes the pop gold held within these riffs.

BUMMER has just released a split with PINKO. The noisy trio continues to push their sound–getting heavier and sludgier with each single. Disjointed riffs, bass filled mud, and animalistic percussion come together beautifully on their split. Always performing a head-splitting show, BUMMER’s riffs, when pouring from the stage, will concuss even the hardest headed metal fan around. If you haven’t seen these guys shred live yet, Record Store Day is the perfect time to see what they do best.

Ending the showcase, The Conquerors will croon their way into your heart. Reimagining the garage pop aesthetics that flooded American music post-Beatlemania, The Conquerors’ debut, Wyld Time, is full of singles. Seriously, any track has enough hook to be THE track. That said, the album also stays conceptually clean–as a howl from spurned lovers or lovers on the outs. I can wax craft about the album until The Animals come home, but I wouldn’t get to its core. Wyld Time is garage gold.

So if Record Store Day’s 10th anniversary list doesn’t have you pumped to snag some record swag (how could it not?), then this live showcase might get you there. If this High Dive showcase doesn’t have you psyched, then the metric ton of fresh used wax that will come out midday might. If all those used records don’t have you jazzed about Record Store Day, then know there will be coffee and donuts. If that doesn’t do anything for you, check your pulse because you’re probably dead.

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