Record Store Day Exclusives Part III

As I’ve said before (here and here), there are hundreds of Record Store Day exclusives. And Mills Record Company has ordered them all. Whether you’re a fan of noise or hip hop, metal or pop, Hello Kitty or KMDFM, there will be an exclusive release waiting for you on April 16th. Rather than link the releases in this post by genre, I thought I’d post about some of the releases that have me counting down the days based on format. This post will be dedicated to the 7″.

First of those 7″ is from Muse. The band will be putting out “Reapers” with an unreleased B-side off their latest album, Drones. Mixing perfectly hyper-paranoia and dance-inducing grooves, Drones shows a band that no only has mastered what has propelled them first into stardom but also one that continually pushes their craft. “Reapers” bounces between solo-studded riffs and sludgy dance-floor burns–a perfect way to get into the band or to complete one’s collection.

The next one comes from a Record Store Day staple–the side by side series. This year one of those 7″ is my favorite song by one of my favorite bands: “This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)” by none other than Talking Heads. The song, made from a string of non-sequitors, can match almost any mood, from melancholy to mania, in a way that only David Byrne can manage. It’s cover is from Echosmith, of Cool Kids fame. The band will surely remake the song to reflect the trends of today.

Another release that I’m excited for is another Record Store Day staple–the mystery 7″. Because what’s inside it’s all black packaging is a closely guarded secret, it’s nearly impossible to describe directly. Last year, the song was “Judy is a Punk” by the Ramones. What will it be this year? You’ll have to pick it up to find out. The mystery series is just about as close to Willy Wonka’s golden ticket as you can get.

One of the most exciting 7″ I can’t wait to add to my collection is “Happy Together” by The Turtles. The song is one of the most iconic love(ish) songs I think ever written. The melody is everywhere–movie soundtracks, commercials, the back of your mind constantly. Yet, ask the average person who penned the diddy and you’re likely to get a blank stare or a google screen. This year no more. Let 2016 be the year The Turtles name rises like a phoenix!

Though these records are small, they certainly pack a wallop. Check them out and even more at Mills Record Company’s Record Store Day Celebration on April 16th–there will be exclusive releases, your not-so-standard-but-available year-round vinyl, live bands, refreshments, and all the vinyl lovers you can shake a stick at.

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