Record Store Day Cometh Part VI

Record Store Day is looming. The annual event is, for vinyl-philes, prom, Independence Day, graduation, and retirement wrapped into a single day each year. But we already knew that. Mills Record Company is going to light off some aural fireworks with all the Record Store Day exclusives packed in the current location and a metric ton of bands in the new location. I’ve written about some of the exclusives (here and here) and some of the bands (here, here, here, here, and here). Quadrigarum, Wet Ones, and Scruffy and The Janitors may not aesthetically match each other, but their passion and ability to put on a heart stopping show is a thread that connects each of these three acts.

Scruffy and The Janitors makes the kind of distortion-soaked blues that infects your mind like the best earworms do. The St. Joe band takes equally from The Black Keys and The White Stripes–crossing the two streams that have made contemporary rock music. The result is explosive and visceral without losing its technical edge. Needless to say, this aesthetic translates well to the stage. But don’t take my word for it, stop and see them on April 16th.

Wet Ones are puck as funk. Or is it the other way around? Their absolute frenzy makes it hard to keep anything in the right order. Whether they are skating down a jittering riff (ala The Locusts) or blasting out something heavier, this band of KC punks does well to give each moment its necessary attention. Listening to Wet Ones is an exercise in pure being–a feat few bands are able to achieve. As passionate on record as on stage, Wet Ones will be a treat for punks and the straight world alike.

Quadrigarum eschews the immediate for lush soundscapes and core shaking drones. The result is a sound that is operatic and heavy–equally giving and withholding. The band, which features a giant sewing wheel, vascillates between ethereal, almost minimal, wisps and over-saturated drones. The combination gives their songs a tension as they layer texture over texture. Listening to the band is like the moment before a panic attack, being angry on a beautiful day, laughing as you tear your apartment to shreds. This is all to say Quadrigarum makes some of the heaviest drones in the area.

Come see Quadrigarum, Scruffy and The Janitors, Wet Ones, and many, many others break in Mills Record Company’s new space on Record Store Day. The event will have about 9 hours of continuous live music. And if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, the current space will be jam-packed with Record Store Day exclusives and all the new and used vinyl you could ever want.

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