Record Store Day Cometh Part V

I’ve written a few posts about some of the bands that are playing Record Store Day at Mills Record Company (here, here, here, here, and here). And about some of the exclusive releases you’ll find in the shelves of the store (here and here). I could write until the proverbial cows come about the cool stuff happening that day, and I fully intend to. This post, I want to focus on two bands and a rapper who absolutely kill it on stage.

Dreamgirl caught my attention a year or so ago. Their brand of hyper-clean pop does well to mix catchy hooks with throbbing bass lines and neon leads. Each song they put out is catchier than the one that preceded it. Their most recent release, “Mythos,” is on The Record Machine’s compilation, How to Keep Dreaming Vol. 1. Winking at post-disco pop and the Vaseline smeared 70s, the song is fun, catchy, and a little ambiguous. In other words, “Mythos” is what indie pop should strive to be. Combining the band’s ability to write a song with their knack for commanding a stage, Dreamgirl is a band to see on Record Store Day.

Momma’s Boy is a relatively new entity. But the members have been making music for a while, and their experience and skill isn’t hard to hear in any of their recordings. The band’s surf-pop runs down the same trail as Mac Demarco or Twin Peaks. That said, Momma’s Boy eschews the sharper tonalities of traditional surf rock to create smoother songs that blend together much more subtly than their forebears. Their recordings are only the tip of their sonic iceberg. Boasting a live show that is electrifying, Momma’s Boy doesn’t let the lazier ends of “slacker surf” come close to them on stage.

Gee Watts is a Kansas City rap staple. The KC rapper mixes trap’s hoarse delivery with an RnB evenness. The result is a sound that is smokey and smooth. Skating over lush beats with a voice that doesn’t waver, Gee Watts has a confidence that is as palpable on his recordings as it is during his live performance. Looser on stage, the rapper has such a mastery of flow that he can say anything and make it sound like gospel truth. Whether or not you listen to hip hop, check out Gee Watts on Record Store Day, you’ll be glad you did.

These bands and more will be playing Record Store Day at Mills Record Company. The music will start around noon and go nonstop until 10ish in what will be the store’s new location (just down Broadway from the Corner Restaurant). And the current location will have all the Record Store Day exclusive wax you can shake a stick at.

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