Record Store Day Cometh Part III

Earlier this week, I previewed some of the heavier bands that will be playing Record Store Day. Continuing this series, I’d like to focus on the poppier bands that will take the stage, the bands who write vocal hook after vocal hook without seemingly breaking a sweat, the bands whose music is at home blaring from a car radio or a venue’s PA.

Various Blonde, while not necessarily straightforwardly pop, has heavier-pop currents running through their prog-dance melodies. The trio blends synthetic arpeggios with fuzzed-over, depth-plumbing bass lines to create music that is as catchy as it is groovy. Various Blonde is able to create full soundscapes that breathe as they unfurl. Even in the spaces between their notes, there’s a sense of tension, of anxiety. Half funk psychedelia and half RnB infused pop, Various Blonde is proving the radio world and the basement show aren’t as far away as one might guess. Don’t believe me? Check them out at miniBar on Wednesday and see for yourself. And then see them again at Mills Record Company on 4/16.


Moving in a different current, Yes You Are makes music that absolutely bubbles with energy. Whether the band is riffing down a sample or Kianna is spilling her powerful vocals over the tracks, Yes You Are distills the best aspects of pop and dance floor electronica to make music that is the aural equivalent of a black leather jacket–i.e. anything it touches is instantly cooler. Backing their songs with a live performance that is truly second to none, the band’s music burns with a vibrant intensity. Yes You Are is the type of band new musicians will look to when they try to project a stage presence, when they try to craft their own earworms. The difference between the two is Yes You Are’s presence and style comes naturally. If you haven’t caught this band yet, Record Store Day will be the perfect chance to have them blow your mind.

Splitting the difference between these two, Organized Crimes makes grimy, beat-driven songs that ride the weirder end of the pop spectrum. Whether the band is glittering through a pulsing rhythm or building into a full on black light dance dance party, Organized Crimes melts together industrial-esque textures with melodies that are catchier than anything played on the radio today. Backed by a full band when on stage, the trio does well to remake and reconstitute their songs live. On stage, Organized Crimes shows glimpses of their recorded material without merely replaying the same melodies. Larger and weirder, the band puts on a show that is as visual as it is aural.


This year, Record Store Day at Mills Record Company will be a party you don’t want to miss. Whether you’re a fan of metal, pop, surf rock, country, hip hop, or any hybrid genre, there will be a local band playing in what will be our new store and an exclusive release in our retail space for you.

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