Record Store Day Cometh Part II

Last week, I started a series that will highlight the bands who will be playing in Mills Record Company’s new space on Record Store Day (4/16). The musicians in that post were on the lighter end of the sonic spectrum. But heavy fans need not worry–there will be enough distortion-fueled guitar riffs and pummeling drum fills to bury us all.

Sharp Weapons mix a drum powered heaviness with catchy as hell riffs to create metal that is as dark as it is groovy. The quartet’s heavy hooks and snarling vocals do well to give each of their songs a presence that cannot be ignored. Whether they are skating down a southern rock-esque roll or chugging through palm muted distortion, Sharp Weapons bends genre conventions at will to create music as traditional as it is unique. Backing their music with a performance that is as frenzied as their recordings, the band is a must see for any metal fan.


Moving into the jazzier/noisier side of things is Jorge Arana Trio. The trio melts together jazz, metal, math-rock, noise, latin, doom, and so much more together to make their truly unique sound. The maestros that make up the trio refuse to stay in the same aesthetic for long. While Oso skittered through its swift-changing rhythms and melodies, the band’s latest material is heavier, sludgier, and doom-ier. That said, there is still a current that runs through all their material–the intricate way their songs fall into and the passion with which the trio performs these songs. If you haven’t seen these guys play yet, you need to.

What would be a discussion of heavy music in Kansas City without BUMMER? The trio mixes sludge-covered riffs with enough vocal grime to give their songs a doom-centered feel, but their songs are more immediate than most doom. Visceral and constantly shifting, the trio wastes no time starting their music and are usually done before you can quite fully comprehend what’s happening. Equally powerful on their recordings as they are on stage, BUMMER is whirlwind force that, in its wake, leaves nothing quite the same.

These heavy acts and more will be unleashing their sonic assaults on us throughout Record Store Day. Whether you’re a fan of heart-stopping riffs, mind-bending time changes, or aggressive melodies, there will be bands to scratch any musical itch you might have. And if you aren’t a fan of these things, there will be other acts that will offer equally compelling reasons to check out what will be the new home of Mills Record Company–an added bonus to the giant list of Record Store Day exclusive releases.

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