Record Store Day: The 7″

Last week, Record Store Day announced its 10th anniversary list. Full of chart-toppers, hard-rockers, and be-boppers, the list is one of the most diverse of recent years. Something Record Store Day does that no one else does better is exclusive 7″. Whether it’s their mystery 7″ series, their side by side series, their picture discs, or any of the other cool concepts behind their single releases, Record Store Day pays respect to the single. There are so many cool singles being pressed this year that it’s hard to keep track. So I want to take some time to highlight a few of my most anticipated.

Kicking off this list is Mungo Jerry’s “In The Summertime” and “Baby Jump.” The A side of this single is a jangly pop rock ballad that embodies joy. “In The Summertime” is the perfect song for an evening in the backyard, on the lake, or anywhere that has good weather and good friends. “Baby Jump” is a bluesy, heavier track, offering a great counterpoint to “In The Summertime.” “Baby Jump” occupies a completely different world, nevertheless one that will keep any party going.

Emerson, Lake & Palmer’s “Brain Salad Surgery” is another great 7″ that will be available on April 22nd. A replica of the 1973 flexi-disc, “Brain Salad Surgery” is not only one of the first math rock/noise rock releases but also a testament to the genre’s ability to create so many emotions within its songs. Emerson, Lake & Palmer’s song sounds like jazz ran through a meat grinder, rock that truly gives the finger to the establishment, or like nothing else.

For all the laid back indie fans out there, there’s Kevin Morby’s “Beautiful Strangers” and “No Place to Fall.” The singer songwriter came up with the mad geniuses of Woods before making a name for himself. The single has a definite Bob Dylan vibe to it. With more subtly and a far superior voice, Morby brings the folk legend’s (and Nobel Prize winner) sound into the 21st century. This 7″ is perfect for chilling on a porch while the sun bleeds its warmth over the horizon.

One of my favorite Record Store Day series is the Side by Side series, which features the original recording of a rock staple and then a contemporary artist’s take on it. This year, Talking Heads’ “This Must Be The Place” is covered by indie pop darlings Wilding. Arguably one of the best “love” songs ever written, “This Must Be The Place” is playful without losing its melancholy. A perfect mix of saccharine and longing, the track is a tall order to cover. That said, Wildling, with their big choruses and catchy hooks, should do the the track right.

These are just a taste of the cool releases to grace the shelves this Record Store Day. Whether you’re a 7″ collector, an LP purist, or some combination of the two, this Record Store Day will have at least one record to soothe your vinyl itch. Plus, with live music, refreshments, and more fresh used wax than you can count, Record Store Day at Mills Record Company will be a bash you will not want to miss.

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