The Record Machine Presents: Westerners, Your Friend, Sound of Ceres

This Sunday, The Record Machine will present a dynamite show at The┬áReplay Lounge. The show will feature local legends Your Friend and Westerners as well as the Fort Collins duo Sound of Ceres. I don’t think I could dream of a better line-up for a show than this. Each band brings a unique spin to their indie pop and a craft that is undeniable.

Your Friend’s blend of smoky textures and perfectly rough hewn voice gives the singer-writer an irresistible sound. Her songs flow like Grouper or Bon Iver or Dum Dum Girls, but at their core there is something undeniably one of a kind. Part indie crooner, part melancholy summer evening, part voice-that-can-make-anything-sound-pretty, Your Friend’s songs have an effortlessness about them–a quality that, ironically, takes a ton of effort to produce. But Your Friend makes it look easy. Her instrumentals have a genius simplicity to them that, when layered, create staggering atmospheres. Listening to Your Friend is like looking at pine-covered mountain: the scene as a whole is breathtaking and when deconstructed that same breathtaking beauty remains in each part.

Likewise, Sound of Ceres characterizes themselves with lush walls of sound that go beyond a purely aural experience to one that encompasses the whole body. The duo has a taste of Still Corners (namely their whispery vocals and fuzz-draped instruments). That said, the band has a depth to their recordings that (in my opinion) outstrips the former. Sound of Ceres (much like the footage in the video below) grows in each song–expanding their sounds without plateauing. Their songs mix a Clams Casino-esque dance-vibe with a slower, more introspective tone. The result is a sound that makes for a perfect communal experience or for zoning out to alone in a dark room.

Moving the opposite way, Westerners make upbeat indie pop. There songs jitter with reckless abandon. The Lawrence trio’s songs bounce from jilted loves to feelings of alienation to the almost inexplicable feeling of noticing yourself grow up without ever losing their most fun qualities. Westerners make music that shakes like Dr. Dog and builds like Unknown Mortal Orchestra. And the put on a show with as much energy as their recordings boast. With intermingling vocal harmonies a complex as those in their songs, one would almost expect the band members to be glued to their microphones. Yet somehow the band finds a way to utilize the entire stage to give a performance that is supremely visual without losing any of their aural polish.

The Sunday show starts at 10pm and is sure to be a great night. All three acts cover a different corner of the indie pop spectrum: from Westerners’ passionate rock-based pop, to Sound of Ceres’ all encompassing dreampop, to Your Friend’s lush indie-folk.

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