Radkey and Friends @ The RecordBar

July has sported some fantastic concerts: from Rev Gusto’s release show at Harling’s, to Bummer’s release show(s), from Ringo Death Starr at the RecordBar to Freddie Gibbs at the Riot Room. And on the last day of the month, Radkey, Gnarly Davidson, the spirit of the beehive, and Amanda X will close out July with the proverbial bang–heaping all their energy into the same bill for a night of music not soon forgotten. The show will be at the RecordBar on Friday starting at 9pm.

the spirit of the beehive makes a gorgeous cacophony. The Philadelphia based band is a part-anthem maker, part punk-rock-mess, part laid back dream, and completely infectious. the spirit of the beehive’s songs are drenched in fuzz and come tightly wound around a core of frantic energy. While smooth and droning at the furthest reaches of the band’s sound, the spirit of the beehive has a heat in every one of their songs. And that heat, whether the main attraction of the song or a moment peeking through the walls of sound, draws the listener back again and again to the band’s music.

Amanda X keeps the same haze as the spirit of the beehive, sounding like Warpaint and Sleater-Kinney collaborated. The three-piece pushes out lush soundscapes, sparkled by enough fuzz to muddle without completely obliterating. The band diffuses their catchy melodies and more than compelling harmonies over their instruments’ fray. ¬†Amanda X’s peppy drumming and metallic guitar mesh well on record and are sure to develop further on stage. Coupling that dynamic with the band’s intricate vocal parts, Amanda X is sure to deliver a show that is unbelievable.

I’ve said it before, Gnarly Davidson is heavy. The Lawrence based band spits high-octane sludge-covered songs track after track. Gnarly Davidson’s doom metal is sprinkled with a hint of southern rock and a touch of noisecore. The layering of distorted strings and cymbal-heavy percussion, fuzz-shredded vocals and an omnipresent low-end gives Gnarly Davidson a sound that is immediately visceral. Slow without boring, pummeling without repelling, and with enough shimmer to captivate, the band makes songs that have a spark that is absent from many bands. Definitely an act to see live, Gnarly Davidson will not disappoint.

Radkey seems incapable of making a bad song. The brothers, though barely old enough to shave, have a chemistry between each other that is unmistakable and a knack for writing punkish songs that are catchy and unrelenting simultaneously. Their plumbing bass, smashing drums, screaming guitar, and low-hanging vocals come together track after track to make aural gold. Jumping off from their songs’ already high-energy feel, the band puts on a show that is triply as passionate. Bouncing across stage, whipping the crowd into a frenzy, rocking harder than most (even when their PA cuts out), Radkey a tornado of sound on stage.

The show starts at 9pm on Friday and is 18+; tickets are available via the RecordBar or at the door. It will be one hell of a show. Come out and see two amazing bands from Philadelphia and two of the best live acts in the area.

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