Radiohead Live from A Moon Shaped Pool

Unless you’ve been living under the proverbial rock, you know Radiohead has returned. After a brief disappearance, the art rock gods have risen from their digital ashes on XL Recordings with reissues and a brand new record, A Moon Shaped Pool, which features the single “Burn the Witch.” The record will be available on June 17th, but that’s not all that will be happening this Friday.

In addition to having the indie exclusive white double LP in a beautiful foil cover, select stores around the globe will participate in a live streaming event and a contest. All who stop into the store will be able to listen to a the band perform A Moon Shaped Pool in its entirety live (performances will be at 12pm and 8pm) and to enter to win one of these prizes:

One winner (again details forthcoming) will receive a selection of unique figurines used in the making of the Radiohead video ‘Burn The Witch’ directed by Chris Hopewell (see above).

Two winners will receive a limited edition screenprint of Stanley Donwood artwork from his ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’ series.

Three winners will each receive a 35mm celluloid print of the Paul Thomas Anderson directed video ‘Daydreaming’ in a film canister.

In other words, this Friday will be vinyl-phile version of finding Willy Wonka’s golden ticket. So call in sick to work, skip summer school, forget about yardwork and chores, and help us celebrate one of the most exciting releases of 2016!

(Also, FYI The record store that hosted any of the winners will be recognized as well so come out and support your local record joint)

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