Psychic Heat, CS Luxem, Momma’s Boy @ Mills Record Company

I can’t think of a more fun show than the one taking place at Mills Record Company this Friday. Fresh off the release of their Replay Records single, “Stranger / Starve,” Psychic Heat will be joined by CS Luxem and Momma’s Boy for a night fuzz-dusted riffs and catchy vocal melodies. Stretching the divide between surf rock, indie pop, and psych pop, this show will start the weekend off right.

CS Luxem makes indie pop that rivals the best examples of The Shins and Beirut. Minimal, picked melodies lay a good foundation for the singer songwriter to spill his vocals over. Landing somewhere between ambient vibes and cassette-focused pop, CS Luxem’s songs strike the perfect balance between sugar and shadow. His songs’ catchy melodies hide a brooding that roil just beneath the mix. The solo artist’s ability to flit between musical phrases without pausing gives his songs a playfulness even when their subject matter isn’t. And this tonal juxtaposition lends CS Luxem’s sound a depth that constantly demands exploration.

More swift and maximal, Momma’s Boy burns through their songs with an intensity that flirts with spinning out of control. Full of quick leads and gnarly basslines, the Kansas City band takes classic surf rock tones and injects some post-modern energy to them. The quartet turned trio knows how to move through a song. With click-tight solos and quick builds, Momma’s Boy wastes no time breaking the sound barrier with their guitar forward songs. Coupling this with a stage show that is just as passionate, the band matches their technical skill with physical presence. The band’s writes music with an urgency to it–a tone that is just as palpable on the hundredth listen as it is on the first.


Ending the night will be Psychic Heat. Between their LP, Sunshower, and their new single, it is clear Psychic Heat is a musical force to be reckoned with. Constantly pushing their sound into new spaces, the Lawrence band experiments with lush and glacial soundscapes in the B-side of their 7″. “Starve,” a traditional B-side, moves just outside the band’s established sound for a juxtaposition that is stark and refreshing. Yet, even at its slowest and most expansive, “Starve” has the same tension Psychic Heat brings to their other songs. The band’s ability to twist through their aesthetic gives their music a multifacetedness that is mesmerizing. And the band recreates this on stage whenever they perform.

Whether you’re into smartly written indie pop, incendiary surf rock, or overdriven psych pop, Friday’s in store will have something for you. Each of the three bands playing will bring the perfect energy to start the weekend, so come out early, dig through some records, and catch some wonderful local bands.

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