Psychic Heat and Arc Flash Kick off Summer

It’s graduation season, which also means it’s the beginning of summer for many. And summer is the perfect time for tube-warmed, garage psych vibes. Who better to fill this need than Psychic Heat and Arc Flash? Psychic Heat will be celebrating their latest High Dive release, Sunshower. Both of these bands make music that has a physicality to it both on record and on stage. Whether it’s the meandering psychedelia of Psychic Heat or the static jittering of Arc Flash, each band has the ability to fill a venue with sound and energy. This Friday’s in-store will be a ruckus night of garage psy-punk.

Arc Flash is almost unclassifiable. With all the energy of Lightning Bolt and all the hook of Guerilla Toss, the duo makes music that demands its audience move with it. Using loop pedals and other effects, Arc Flash is able to layer dense and shimmering guitar riffs with amorphous sonic textures. Coupling these sounds with drums that hammer everything flush while constantly pushing the songs further, the duo’s live show takes their recorded material and adds even more dimension to it. Seeing Arc Flash take the stage is like seeing the band for the first time every time—they manage to make their songs new during each performance, a feat as difficult to do as it is enjoyable to hear.

Psychic Heat takes all of Arc Flash’s energy and stretches it across their fuzz-dusted psychedelia. The Lawrence band’s riff-driven music journeys combine hook-laced leads with noisy rhythms to create music that flits between the finest indie pop and the deepest freak-outs. Lyrically, Psychic Heat writes songs that sound as good coming out of a PA as they do read on paper. The lyrical content from Sunshower’s single, “Elixir,” is ambiguous but taut, extremely fun yet sort of dangerous. These different elements swirl together on every level of the song to make a multi-dimensional song—one that can be listened to again and again. Psychic Heat takes this aspect of their music and increases it exponentially on stage. Injecting their sonic vibes with a weird energy, the band puts on a show that is second to none.

If you missed Psychic Heat when they helped kick off Middle of The Map at Mills Record Company, then you have another chance to catch these guys this Friday with Arc Flash. Both bands make music that will warm even the most jaded music junkie, that will move even the most stoic observer. This Friday, the show starts at 7, is all ages, and is free. Watching Psychic Heat and Arc Flash do their thing will be a perfect way to start the (unofficial) first weekend of summer.

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