Pink Royal, Dreamgirl, Via Luna, Jessica Paige @ Riot

January has been one great month for shows. From local to national acts, there have been multiple concerts a night for the entire month. And that roll keeps going this Friday at The Riot Room. The show will feature talent that moves from acoustic, singer songwriter ballads to instrumental math-rock journeys, from distortion-tinged indie rock to clean electric pop. Despite the different genres thrown together (or perhaps because), Friday at The Riot Room will be a night of great music.

Jessica Paige boasts not only a strong voice but a flexibility as well. As her youtube page shows, she’s able to put her distinct spin on songs from Prince to The Beatles to Meghan Trainor. Part of what makes Paige able to take control of such a wide variety of songs is her voice, which she showcases on her originals well. Belting out melody over soulful arrangements, Paige is able to create songs that simultaneously arrest their listeners with beauty without losing that roughness that gives great soul music its heart.

Via Luna is about as far from Jessica Paige aesthetically as possible. The Kansas City four piece never seems to want to sit still. Blasting through key changes and time signatures, the band strings together seemingly disparate riffs with an ease that borders on pure wizardry. Layering sonic textures over rhythmic patterns, the band is able to create lush arrangements that constantly build. Like a swifter Explosions in The Sky, Via Luna rides through their songs without ever letting the the threads that keep it all together go slack.

It’s been almost a year since St. Joseph’s Dreamgirl released their Illuminaughty EP. The EP’s beachy vibes and clean pop seems to have caught on. Featured on compilations by The Record Machine¬†and playing shows in the area, Dreamgirl is set to be the next big band in Kansas City. Coupling their shimmering recordings with a live set that is as polished, the band is one to catch live. From their subtle rhythms to their sparkling harmonies, Dreamgirl makes music that is pure fun.

Pink Royal makes indie pop. That said, the band mixes a Vampire Weekend-esque tennis-pop with dreamy swirls to create a sound that is unlike any other. Simultaneously jangling and spaced-out, Pink Royal’s music finds the sweet spot between aesthetics, the spot where innovation is the only thing that can happen. The band physically embodies this when they take the stage. Fun without losing their skill, Pink Royal is an act as powerful in studio as they are on stage.

These acts are at the top of their games. Putting them on one bill all but guarantees a show that will be phenomenal. The show starts at 9pm and is 21+. If there’s such thing as a perfect line-up, Pink Royal, Dreamgirl, Via Luna, and Jessica Paige are it.

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