The Philistines Album Release @ Replay Lounge

In case you missed it, The Philistines put out their debut on The Record Machine about a month ago. The TL;DR of it is The Backbone of The Night rocks. Layering classic tube-warmed psych-tones with slick indie pop hooks, the album unfurls equally as a meandering jam and a collection of tunes that stay stuck in the mind long after they’ve ended. To celebrate the release, the band has been playing gigs around town; if you haven’t caught this band live yet, then this Thursday at The Replay Lounge might be your last chance for a minute. The Philistines will be joined by local legends, Stiff Middle Fingers, and Austin natives Magnet School for a night that will be filled with rock.

Stiff Middle Fingers harnesses the angst and energy of early punk and the irreverent intelligence of early aughts Saddle Creek. The combination of these two elements makes their songs part-snarl and part-snark. Perfect for summertime skanking in the daytime or shaking the walls of any dive bar at night, Stiff Middle Fingers take all the frenetic energy of being dissatisfied with life after a few pots of coffee and directs at a single goal: making music that burns through the veins of their listeners.

Magnet School moves much slower than Stiff Middle Fingers. With songs that arrest with their ethereal beauty and palpable melancholy, the four-piece takes pages from bands like Minus the Bear and The Shins to create compelling and lush indie rock. Magnet School’s power, in part, comes from their ability to layer taut vocalizations over intricate lead lines without having the mix turn into aural soup. Even at their most woolly, the band never loses hold of the several threads their riffs make. Magnet School seems as comfortable floating in the higher ranges as they do chugging through some bass-heavy grit.

The Philistines, as we all know, can write songs that shake the core of their listeners and songs that wander in the best of ways. Building from the foundation their singles started, The Backbone of The Night boils with tension from its beginning to its end. Whether the band is setting fire to a quick punch (like “1971“) or smoldering in a psychedelic jam (like “Radiation Drive“), The Philistines have the ability to rig their music to a passionate skeleton. More than bright solos, infectious vocal melodies, and groovy rhythms, The Philistines have a heat that goes beyond pure instrumentation, a heat that is most felt when the band takes the stage.

This Thursday, head over to The Replay Lounge to see The Philistines, Stiff Middle Fingers, and Magnet School do what they do best. And if you haven’t picked up a copy of The Backbone of The Night yet, then stop by Mills Record Company, so you can learn all the words before Thursday.

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