P.O.S. and Ceschi @ Riot Room

Without P.O.S., there wouldn’t be Death Grips or Clipping or anything on Anticon. The Minneapolis native is able to charge a line with such an intensity that even the most mundane sentiments, when spilling from his mouth, have a punch few MCs can match. Joining P.O.S. on stage will be Ceschi Ramos, who splices lightning fast flows with elements of folk and indie rock for a sound that is completely in its own universe. Paired together, these two rappers will undoubtedly put on a fantastic show–the perfect way to spend a Friday.

Ceschi Ramos’ sound bounces between a hard-edged Tech N9ne-esque blasts and an indie folk pop ballads. As Ceschi transitions between these extremes, he combines the two poles of his aesthetic in compelling and surprising ways–one song channels directly into the other without a hitch. The result is a sound that is constantly changing, constantly shifting into another territory. Taking the best aspects of Odd Nosdam, Aesop Rock, Astronautilis, and early aughts indie, Ceschi’s music lives in its own universe. Seriously, there is no one else that sounds like this guy making music today. And with a stage show that backs his music with an energetic presence, Ceschi Ramos is an act any fan of hip hop (or folk) should check out.

Likewise, P.O.S. puts on a show that is energetic and passionate. When the rapper takes the stage, there is no chill to his persona. P.O.S. performs in a way that blurs the boundary between stage and floor, between performer and audience. In doing so, he exponentially increases the visceral tug of his songs. Coming off his latest album, Chill, Dummy, P.O.S. is set to play some of his most adventurous tracks.

Chill, Dummy begins with “Born a Snake,” a soup of industrial noise. P.O.S. pours his voice over the noise, snapping the woolly track right into place. “Born a Snake” shifts perfectly into “Wearing a Bear.” This second track unfurls like more traditional hip hop. And this seems to be the album’s M.O., blending the fringed-edges of hip hop with its more central aesthetics. The result is an album that never sits still. One of Chill, Dummy‘s stand out tracks is “Roddy Piper.” With an infectious bass line and weird leads, the song grooves hard while P.O.S. skates lyrical down its lines.

Whether you’re a fan of the Minneapolis legend, P.O.S., or Ceschi Ramos’ hybridity, or are hearing of these artists for the first time, the show at The Riot Room will be the place to find some fantastic hip hop. Both artists weave together the standard and the uncanny for music that is off the wall. The show starts at 8 and will guarantee a great Friday night.

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