Odd Future Continues To Surprise With Trash Talk

Odd Future Records is one of the most exciting labels today. Started by Tyler The Creator and a slew of other southern California rappers, the label stays as fresh as its constituents, which is to say it continually reinvents its identity as it breathes live into a scene previously bursting apathy. I was elated when I heard they signed a hardcore punk band (Trash Talk) to their label. This sort of cross-pollination between scenes and genres keeps things interesting and creates increasingly hybrid, weird,  and complex music. It’s wonderful to see songs like these two coexist on the same label:

That said, I was even more surprised and ecstatic when Trash Talk announced that they would do an all ages free tour with Left Brain. FREE. These stunts are the things that keep music alive and interesting. In a climate in which bands are constantly complaining about the costs of going on tour and placing money before art, these guys go out and do it for free. However much this makes me feel like I’m getting old, I’m incredibly happy that some of the next generation of musicians are getting back to the art of things: something bands that I grew up with seem to have forgotten (with all the reunions and festival only shows).

Unfortunately for us in Kansas City, the tour isn’t stopping here. The closest stop is Omaha, NE (or Iowa City). Still, splitting the gas price to drive to these shows between four or five people would probably be cheaper than buying a ticket anyway. In any case, it’s worth the consideration to see some of the most energetic and exciting musicians today.

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