Numero Pop Up at miniBar

This Saturday will be a very special day at miniBar. Numero Group, one of our favorite labels (seriously, they have their own section in the store), will set up a pop up shop at the bar and venue–offering deep discounts, exclusive releases, and special guest appearances. For those who don’t know, Numero Group is a label dedicated to bringing great music out of obscurity to a turntable near you. Their catalog ranges from rare soul to heavy metal, from folk rock to early garage–all of it fantastic.

The label has shown Kansas City more than a little love. Numero Group has pressed a compilation of Kansas City soul represented by the now defunct Forte Label, a compilation of garage-y Beatles worship on Lows in The Mid Sixties: Kosmic City–found in the Cavern Sounds archive–, the heavy sludge of Bulbous Creation (from Prairie Village), and the folk rock of White Eyes. And this Saturday, you’ll be able to find all these gems and many, many more at their pop up shop.

Rather than talk about full length releases, I want to talk about all the great 45s Numero Group has put out. And what says single more than soul? One of the label’s 45s that never leaves my turntable’s side is The Young Senators’ “Ringing Bells (Sweet Music) Parts I & II.” The single, much like their other Numero Group release “Jungle” / “The Way It Is,” is a heavy funk snapshot of a band with enough soul power to burn up any dance floor. Part patchwork of fuzzed guitars, part doo wop vocals on LSD, part bass growl, “Ringing Bells (Sweet Music) Parts I & II” is a must have for any fan of psychedelic soul. Its horns warble in and out of tune to create the weirdest soul I’ve heard in the 45 section at Mills Record Company.

Moving in a different current, Medusa makes some of the darkest heavy rock around. Their “Temptress” / “Strangulation” single on Numero Group would make a great addition to any basement cave. Layering thick rhythms and chorused leads with reverb-kissed vocals and minimal percussion, Medusa is the perfect soundtrack for a D&D campaign or for staring at blacklight posters. And for those who don’t have an aversion to sunlight, the 45 (especially its B-Side, “Strangulation”) would make for a good break between garage tinkering. Medusa’s rock lives, perhaps always, in another time, another dimension. ”Temptress” / “Strangulation” burns slowly through the atmosphere, creating portals to other worlds.

You will be able to catch these and a myriad other releases (45 and not) this Saturday at Numero’s Pop Up Shop at MiniBar. The event will go on all day, but in case you can’t wait to get some of great reissues of obscure music, you can stop into Mills Record Company and check out the stock of Numero Group releases (and the non-Numero releases as well). Saturday will be the day of the vinyl-phile, check it out!

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