New Year’s Eve Concerts Part I

This New Year’s Eve is packed with concerts. The Conquerors, Various Blonde, and Jaenki will be playing one of the last concerts at recordBar’s current location, DJs will take over The Riot Room, Gnarly Davidson and friends will destroy the Replay Lounge, and so many others. It’s definitely a tough decision. So I’ve decided to preview three shows I’m split between. First in this series is at Davey’s Uptown Rambler’s Club. The show will feature four of the hardest bands this side of the state line–and at $10 to get in, it’s a totally affordable NYE party.

Sundiver‘s music collages the epic post-rock soundscapes of bands like Explosions in the Sky and Mogwai with the lyrical hooks of Finch, Saosin, and Hopesfall. The result is a sound with all the largeness of space and the intimacy of a studio apartment. Sundiver, through their complex layering of sounds, is able to create absolutely enshrouding atmospheres that snap into their rhythmic architecture. Basically, the band lives comfortably in drones and taut riffs equally.

Sharp Weapons, who have recently signed to Static Tension Recordings, makes some of the most intense metal I’ve heard in a minute. Their self-titled debut is slated for a late May release. The album is an incendiary mix of high octane riffs (think Every Time I Die meets Baroness) and heavy low end (High on Fire, Electric Wizard). Until May, we’ll have to sate our need for sonic destruction with their live show–which is energetic and engaging. See this band now before they’re selling out stadiums.

In a similar vein, BUMMER can blow the roof of a building with their neanderthal rock. The trio’s music starts with a quick kick in the teeth and never backs down. Aggressive, heavy, and subtly intricate, BUMMER makes some of the most visceral metal in Kansas City and beyond. And seeing these guys on stage is more than a treat. BUMMER gives everything they have during their explosive sets, but don’t take my word for it see them for yourself.

Jorge Arana Trio mixes the heaviness of the above bands with a weirdness that’s hard to capture in words. Truncating riffs and blending rhythms, the trio’s music is in a world of its own, and that’s part of its fun–it is a fresh breath in a stale universe. While I certainly can’t pinpoint exactly what makes Jorge Arana Trio’s experiments so fascinating musically, I can say how their live show is an experience every Kansas Citian should have. The trio sounds as full on stage as they do on record, all while giving their songs a physicality that is as grimy as it is otherworldly.

This is just one show to check out on New Year’s Eve. If you’re a fan of heavy, noise-laced leads and complex and shifting rhythms, Davey’s Uptown Rambler’s Club is the place for you on 12/31.

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