New Years Eve Alert: Radkey/Bummer at Recordbar

New Years Eve is rapidly approaching. And for the those of us who’d rather thrash than stand around and sip cocktails hoping someone will want to kiss us between 11:59:59 and 12:00:01, The Recordbar has the perfect event: Radkey, BUMMER, Drop a Grand, Mace Batons, and Scruffy and the Janitors. The event, which features some of the best heavier and not so heavy bands of the area, will definitely be one of the better events of NYE.

Radkey are Kansas City’s punkish princes. Their smooth mix of power chords and low-hanging vocals gives any listener the shivers. The trio whips their melodies with an energy that is as palpable on record as it is live. And their sound keeps getting better. Their latest single, Feed My Brain, meshes the two extremes of their style into one cohesive and kick-ass track.

BUMMER is relentless. Their sound is heavy and messy. Mixing Every Time I Die-esque metal riffs with punk so-simple-its-genius viscera, BUMMER fuzzes out their aggression into condensed tracks that less unfurl and more explode. Their latest release, Milk, is shark tank of sound. Offering no breathing room for its listener, it demands attention.

Drop a Grand keeps all the talent of the aforementioned bands and adds rhinestones and glam. The band works in rock-leaning leads into otherwise straight forward, immediate punk. Drop a Grand gives its audience a shot of body-thumping chords only to dose them later with squealing solos.

Mace Batons moves away from the scratched up aggressive sound. The band’s sound is clean indie pop. Mixing bouncing guitar riffs with catchy pop melodies, Mace Batons writes songs that are danceable without being light. Sounding like 90s radio alt-pop ran through a distortion pedal, the band balances the best aspects of nostalgia while creating something new.

Scruffy and The Janitors lean more toward Mace Batons than BUMMER. Sounding like The Black Keys playing Jack White songs, Scruffy and The Janitors write songs that are complex and catchy. Their mix of blues and indie pop gives a little for everyone to like. While their high-energy sound seems a little muffled on record, their live set is nothing but ruckus.

These bands will surely provide a night to usher in the New Year. With tickets costing $15, there couldn’t be a better way to send off 2014. Radkey, BUMMER, Drop a Grand, Mace Batons, and Scruffy and The Janitors all give stellar performances and may even kiss you at midnight (but probably not).

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