New Releases 6/30 @ Mills Record Company


ABBA — Gold – Greatest Hits (2xLP w/ gatefold jacket)

Alan Broadbent w/ The London Metropolitan Orchestra — Developing Story at Abbey Road (2xLP on 180 gm audiophile pressing, limited edition hand numbered, production picture included and signed by Alan himself)

Ani DiFranco — Binary (2xLP w/ etched D-side)

The Aracia Strain — Gravebloom (limited edition first pressing on 2xLP w/ colored vinyl in a gatefold jacket)

au ra

Au.Ra — Cultivations (colored vinyl, poster included w/ purchase)

Baio — Man of the World (gatefold jacket)

Beach House — B-Sides & Rarities (arriving late)

Beach House — B-Sides & Rarities (CD)


Beach House — Bloom (cassette)

Beach House — Teen Dream (cassette)

Broadchurch: The Final Chapter — Original Music Composed by Olafur Arnalds

Broadside — Paradise

Carcass — Necroticism Descanting the Insalubrious


Charged G.B.H. — Leather, Bristles, Studs, & Acne (limited edition red vinyl w/ gatefold jacket)

The Coathangers — Parasite (limited edition of 2000 on sea green vinyl, includes B-side etching)

Coheed & Cambria — Apollo 4 (2xLP w/ gatefold jacket, arriving late)

The Congos — Heart of the Congos (3xLP set remastered w/ extra tracks)

The Courtney’s — II (new to store, for fans of Mac DeMarco)


The Cranberries — Everyone Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We (analog spark reissue w/ gatefold jacket)

The Cure — Acoustic Hits (180 gm black vinyl w/ 2xLP and gatefold jacket)

The Cure — Greatest Hits (180 gm black vinyl w/ 2xLP and gatefold jacket)

Discharge — Discontrol – The Singles (limited edition red vinyl w/ gatefold jacket)

Discharge — Why? (limited edition clear vinyl w/ gatefold jacket)


Echo & The Bunnymen — It’s All Live Now (limited edition Run Out Groove press)

Entombed — Left Hand Path

Evangelista — In Animal Tongue (180 gm vinyl includes art print poster)

From First To Last — Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has A Bodycount


From First To Last — Heroine

Ghost Bath — Moonlover (limited edition of 500 bone colored vinyl w/ gatefold jacket)

Goat Whore — Vengeful Ascension

Greg Ashley — Pictures of Saint Paul Street (limited edition clear vinyl)


Jad Fair, Tenniscoats, & Norman Blake — Raindrops (2xLP w/ gatefold jacket)

James Elkington — Wintres Woma (deluxe packaged LP includes printed inner sleeve and download code)

Kane Strang — Two Hearts & No Brain (limited edition red vinyl, includes poster w/ purchase)

Lany — Lany (2xLP w/ gatefold jacket)


Little Steven — Soulfire (2xLP w/ gatefold jacket, first solo album from Stevie Van Zandt in over 15 years)

Logic — Everybody (2xLP w/ gatefold jacket)

Matthew Sweet — Tomorrow Forever (180 gm vinyl on 2xLP w/ gatefold jacket)

Max Richter — Infra (180 gm pressing via Deutsche Grammophon)


Music Rough Guides — The Rough Guide to Gospel Blues (limited edition)

Night Drive — Night Drive

Ohmme — Ohmme (for fans of PJ Harvey or St. Vincent)


Of Montreal — Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer? (deluxe 2xLP on red and yellow vinyl w/ trifold jacket includes a large format lyric booklet, the companion EP “Icons, Abstract Thee”)

Origin — Unparalleled Universe (limited edition of 300 aqua blue vinyl w/ gatefold jacket)

Pine — Pillow Talk (limited edition of 500 on light pink w/ green swirl vinyl)


Pond — The Weather (gatefold jacket)

Rotting Christ — Non Serviam (180 gm vinyl)

Ryan Adams — Prisoner Deluxe 7″ Boxset (limited edition of 300 includes 17 previously unreleased b-side tracks as well as the Prisoner tracks you know and love on a 12 set box of 7″ all on different colored vinyl. Includes 2-D live concert display with working lights and sound as well as cut outs and characters to have your very own Ryan Adams concert experience)



Shakey Graves & The Horse He Rode In On — Nobody’s Fool & The Donor Blues EP (first time on vinyl 2-EP set on 2xLP w/ gatefold jacket)

Singles — Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (arriving late)

Slaughter To Prevail — Misery Sermon

Stone Sour — Hydrograd (2xLP w/ gatefold jacket)

Soulwax — From DeeWee (limited edition 180 gm 2xLP w/ gatefold jacket on white & black vinyl)



Trouble — Snake Eyes / Mothers Gone (7″ from the return of Twin Peaks)

Vic Chesnutt — Silver Lake (2xLP on 180 gm vinyl, includes 4 previously unreleased tracks)

Zykloin — Aeon

Zykloin — Disintegrate (180 gm vinyl)

Zykloin — World Ov Worms

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