Move In Party @ Mills Record Company: Night One

After an epic few days of moving records, bins, t-shirts, and more, Mills Record Company has settled into the new space on 4045 Broadway. With more than double the space, a better sound system, and a bigger stage, the new location promises greatness. And the store is wasting no time–especially with that stage. Next weekend, the first night of the six-part moving celebration begins with Real Adults, Thunderclaps, Conductor Williams & Weaver, and Not a Planet. And if a night of rad music isn’t tempting enough, there will be an influx of 5,000 new arrivals of used records for your perusal–that’s a win-win in my book.

Real Adults takes all the finger-picking complexity of The Tallest Man on Earth and weaves in a the epic builds of Explosions in The Sky for a sound that is taut from moment to moment and also arcs into a natural climax. The Kansas City five piece makes music that is danceable without losing that ethereal quality that the best examples of indie pop have.


Thunderclaps eschews the ethereal for gritty rockabilly. The two piece makes music that is over-driven in the best ways. Catchy without acquiescing to the saccharine, the band knows how to write hook after hook, knows how to whip a crowd into a dance hall frenzy, and knows who to keep the energy swift through their set. With a stage show that uncoils all the stored energy of their recordings, Thunderclaps is certainly not an act to miss.

Weaver & Conductor Williams take a sci-fi concept and underlay it with smooth beats and even smoother flows. Hints of jazz peek through the bass heavy beats and stripped down delivery of Weaver. Speaking of delivery, Weaver can jump from a Post Malone-esque RnB flow to the hardest examples of rap classics like A Tribe Called Quest or The Roots. That these two titans teamed up is a blessing to music. Plus, any song that references Dragonball Z is a winner in my opinion.

Performing a stripped down acoustic set, Not a Planet will round out the line up with their own brand of 60s influenced indie pop. Catchy without the need of repetition, Not a Planet, whether instrumentally or lyrically, knows how to juxtapose their sugariness with snarling distortion and howling vocals–injecting their songs a tension that makes for music that is pure fun.

And if these artists are not your cup of tea, you’ll always have 5,000 newly arrived used records to find that tune that makes your heart sing to the beat. Next Friday’s celebration starts at 7pm, is free, and all ages. Could you ask for a better night to kick off Mills Record Company’s month long moving celebration? I think not. And if you can’t make it on Friday, don’t fret because Saturday will sport an equally rad line up with the help of Shuttlecock Magazine’s Summer Showcase.

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